CSGO maps look like

Here’s what some of CSGO maps look like in real life

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 3, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s cut-throat maps aren’t all fictional. Here’s what some of these locations look like in real life. 

Valve has released dozens of maps in Counter-Strike, and real-life places have inspired most of them. The origin of these locations is unknown, but dedicated CSGO players can’t stop digging. We might have a few guesses regarding the whereabouts of some vital CSGO maps. 

Where is Dust 2 located in CSGO? 

Dust 2 is one of the oldest CSGO maps, and players still don’t know where it is located. The dusty scenery is likely from China, but it is hard to pinpoint this exact location. A few years ago, some players found images from China that looked precisely like Valve’s Dust 2. 

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According to the community, loyal players created this place after being inspired by the legendary location. It seems unlikely, but the uncanny resemblance with Dust 2’s pits, A-short, say otherwise. 

CSGO maps in real-life locations 


Inferno is the only location out of the pool that can easily be found on the map. The aesthetic locale is in Orange County, California. Unlike other maps, it’s pretty easy to find the similarities of Inferno with the actual location. The massive bells, a pond, ancient architecture is precisely like San Juan Capistrano Mission in California. Even the layout is like the Museum, so it makes for an excellent tourist spot for CSGO fans worldwide. 

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The exact location of Nuke is also unknown, but players have multiple close guesses. The grey-toned locale is likely based in Tennessee, as the large machinery looks like those placed in the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant, US. However, recently another player dug up an image from Krsko Nuclear Power Plant in Slovenia, which looks precisely like Nuke’s Terrorists’ spawn. However, the language and easter eggs within the map hint that it’s probably within the United States. 

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Cache is an amalgam of various real-life locations. Its visually pleasant greenery mixed with industrial equipment is tough to find in the real world. However, the map’s antenna’s and machinery indicate that it’s located in Chernobyl. The “Chornobil Forest” billboard is the biggest hint that this location is likely reactor #4 from Chernobyl Nuclear Powerplant accidentally destroyed in 1986. Unlike its bleak esports history, the site itself is pretty interesting. 

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Mirage’s golden scenery with traditional doors could belong to various locations in the middle east. It’s also another fictional location whipped up as inspiration from different places worldwide. Morroco is the closest that comes to looking like Mirage. The antique architecture and golden buildings appear a lot like something you’d see in Marrakesh. 

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