What is the most CT-sided CSGO map of 2021?

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 5, 2021

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If you’re bad at playing defense, you may want to train on specific maps a bit more.  

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps aren’t perfectly balanced. A location may favor one side more than another due to factors like structure, design, and size. While it may not impact Terrorists much due to economic advantage, Counter-Terrorists may endure the consequences. Instead of honing your aim, learn the maps that require game sense and intelligent play on the CT side. 

Train and Ancient are the most CT-sided maps in CSGO

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A stat report by HLTV shows that the latest map, Ancient, is the most CT-sided map, closely followed by Train. Around 54.5% of matches played on Ancient ended up favoring the defending side, affirming that the CT-side is comparatively easier to play. 

Valve pulled Train out of the map pool on May 3 to accommodate the forest-themed Ancient, paying homage to CS 1.6 location Aztec. The dark map is a suitable replacement for Train as both the maps heavily lean towards the defending side in terms of design. Train saw 54.4% CT win, which is not far off Ancient’s rate. 

While both locations barely have anything in common, stats show that they’re in the same vicinity. The Train is set at a tranquil station, whereas Ancient features wild scenery cloaked in deep green and browns. However, both maps have plenty of choke points in common, facilitating CTs to execute sneaky plays. Entering a site on both locations is a tall order as enemies could be hiding anywhere. 

Here are the other maps ranked in order as most CT-sided: 

  1. Nuke 
  2. Overpass
  3. Mirage
  4. Vertigo 
  5. Dust 2
  6. Inferno

Inferno racks up as most T-sided map of 2021

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If you’re bad at keeping a post patiently, you may want to watch demos and plan surefire defense strategies for Inferno. This architectural gem of a location isn’t so easy to play on the CT side, as only 47.6% of matches favored the defense in 2021. Thanks to the multiple entrances, it’s pretty easy for Ts to break down the guards and get the bomb plant on both areas. 

While the stats and intel certainly help, whether a map is CT or T-sided shouldn’t impact the win rate of a good team. With correct utility usage and coordination, any game can be won despite the win percentage on each party. For example, Astralis makes Nuke’s attack look like a cakewalk despite it being a heavily CT-sided location. A gelled up team can ace any site but getting your stats right might help strategize better. 


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