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Here’s what Faker said to Deft about winning Worlds

by | Dec 17, 2022

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Reading Time: < 1 min.

DragonX’s victory at Worlds 2022 is the greatest Cinderella story in League of Legends’ history.

Deft and Faker’s faceoff in the Worlds 2022 grand finals was a legendary series that will stand the test of time as one of the game’s best moments ever. Recently, the two of them had the chance to face each other again as a part of a show match, during which the Unkillable Demon King offered some sage words for his opponent.

Here’s what Faker said to Deft about his victory at Worlds during that exhibition match.

Faker congratulates Deft on winning Worlds

Faker and Deft took part in an LCK offseason event that involved the best players in the region playing 1v1 matches on the Howling Abyss map this week. This was a tradition established at the now-canceled event All-Stars, but the LCK region has carried it forwards.

During this event, Faker and Deft faced down on the Howling Abyss, and the T1 veteran couldn’t help but poke fun at the repeated showdown.

“Hyuk-kyu!” called Faker as the game begins, “Hyuk-kyu!”

“What?” asked Deft.

“Congratulations on winning the championship!” said Faker, smiling.

Deft and the LCK casters erupt into laughter at the unexpected but heartwarming show of sportmanship.

The stakes of the grand finals stage had left DragonX in exultant celebration and T1 emotionally crushed by the loss, so this levity shows the goodwill between the two even after such a stressful contest in their recent past. After the game in an interview, Deft said he was feeling good from Faker’s compliment, solidifying the sportsmanship between the two.

The interaction is a heartwarming reminder that no matter how high the stakes of the competition, the best competitors bear no animosity or ill will towards their opponents on the field.

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