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Here’s the full League of Legends 2022 Clash schedule

by | Feb 14, 2022

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Reading Time: 2 min.

Clash is the best way to team up with friends and experience five-on-five competitive League of Legends. Here’s the League of Legends 2022 Clash schedule.

Clash has been a smash hit for Riot Games, allowing fans to experience a low-stakes version of professional play, from scouting their opponents to the staggered ban and draft system seen in major leagues. Riot Games recently announced the full League of Legends 2022 Clash schedule.

What is Clash?

Clash is a competitive game mode in League of Legends, where a premade team of five players competes in an 8-team bracket for cosmetics, unique banners, in-game currency, and more prizes. Clashes happen over the course of a few chosen days during any given “Cup.” Each period of Clashes is referred to as a “Cup”, with each one being tied to themes or regions in the world of Runeterra.

All competitors lock into their lobby during a designated time before being seeded into their Cup bracket. From there, each team plays two or three games. The winners and runner-ups of the bracket will get the most prizes afterward while losing teams get fewer rewards. In order to lock into a clash, you must possess at least one Clash Ticket, which can be purchased from the store.

There’s a small amount of time before each game to scout your opponents’ playstyles and prepare a plan for your draft.

League of Legends 2022 Clash schedule

Riot Games announced the League of Legends 2022 Clash schedule recently. There will be 10 separate Cups in 2022, with most of them given names already. The Ionia Cup will begin the year with games running on February 12-20 and March 5-6. Each Cup will have two weeks of play in this fashion, with approximately two weeks between a Cup’s second week and the new cup, and the same distance between weeks of a cup.

The exact dates of Clashes following this pattern are available through Riot’s website, following this pattern clean through to the end of the year. Interestingly, several clashes remain unnamed, possibly hinting at an incoming Void event given the lack of a Shurima Cup or Void Cup.

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