Here’s the best Mamoswine build for Pokemon Unite

By Steven Rondina


Sep 30, 2021

Reading time: 4 min

Mamoswine has joined the fray in Pokemon Unite and now players are trying to figure out how best to build the new Pokemon.

Mamoswine is a unique addition to the game as a defender that is meant to scale into the late game. As with many other Pokemon of its class, it offers a blend of tankiness and crowd control to make up for its lack of damage output, and it can come online in this regard after reaching level 10 and fully evolving.

With Mamoswine inhabiting a unique niche in the game, it naturally calls for a different sort of build. Here’s the best build for Mamoswine and how to make the most of it in Pokemon Unite.

Best build for Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite

Mamoswine is a prototypical Pokemon Unite defender, with all the trimmings that fit into that role. It has decent mobility and damage, but it really thrives based on its crowd control and high HP. As with Garchomp, Mamoswine doesn’t fully come online until later in the game, but that should let players be fully prepared for battles around Zapdos. The full Mamoswine moveset can be found on the official Pokemon Unite website.

The optimal build steers into Mamoswine’s strengths and lets it set up big ultimates to set up a game-winning push in the last two minutes.

Ice Shard

Though Tackle offers mobility, Ice Shard is the superior DPS option. That’s critical for killing early camps and getting early EXP. Tackle follows just a couple of levels later, so it’s not a huge loss.

Icicle Crash

Icicle Crash is the preferred upgrade to Ice Shard, offering solid AOE damage. Ice Fang can be used to pull enemies in close and freeze them, but it’s not nearly as versatile or reliable as Icicle Crash. The AOE damage of Icicle Crash should be preferred in any Mamoswine build until the meta no longer revolves around three to four players camping Drednaw. The fact that it can also freeze opponents is just icing on the cake.


While it might be tempting to have something similar to Talonflame’s Unite Move as a regular skill, players need to resist the urge to get High Horsepower. Earthquake allows Mamoswine to jump forward and set up a fight-winning Unite Move. High Horsepower has its uses, but Earthquake is the better move for sure.

Mammoth Smash

Mamoswine’s Unite Move is a huge AOE attack that can also bash enemies in the AOE. It’s the cherry on top of a kit that is specifically meant to dominate the area around Zapdos. It also helps Mamoswine transform from a tank to a more serious damage threat, something that can lead teams to victory late.

Best Pokemon Unite items for Mamoswine

  • Buddy Barrier
  • Razor Claw
  • Focus Band
  • Eject Button

The best item build for Mamoswine is one that revolves around securing Zapdos and ending the game. That means building up items that make the most of its massive AOE combo.

Buddy Barrier has quietly become the standard in high-level play and it’s particularly useful for Mamoswine. The item gives Mamoswine and one nearby ally a shield after using its Unite Move and has a significant HP boost on top of that.

Razor Claw is a new addition to Pokemon Unite, but it already works well for Mamoswine’s build. The item gives a damage boost on the attack that follows use of a move alongside increased critical hit rate. With Razor Claw, the ideal combination for Mamoswine is Earthquake, attack, Icicle Crash, attack, Mammoth Smash, and attacking again to blow up enemies around Zapdos and bulk up Mamoswine and a nearby ally to pursue any survivors. If this is hit properly, it almost guarantees a victory.

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Focus Band doesn’t help with this outright, but does give Swinub and Piloswine extra sustainability to guarantee reaching level 10 as quickly as possible. Eject Button also serves as a bit of insurance at early levels in case a gank comes in, offering extra mobility on top of tackle.

Muscle Band and Rocky Helmet can both be helpful for Mamoswine. Still, Buddy Barrier, Razor Claw, and Focus Band remains the optimal combination.

It’s worth getting the hang of Mamoswine, but don’t become complacent. The Pokemon was revealed alongside Sylveon, which is hidden in Pokemon Unite’s files and is ready to be deployed at any time.