Operator crosshair

Here’s how you can customize your Operator crosshair in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


May 26, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Operator in Valorant has a relatively simple cross for its crosshair that will be intuitive for most. Still, players can customize the sniper scope settings. 

The crosshair you use in Valorant can make or break the game. Crisp aim is the quickest way to escape low ranks, but it can’t be achieved without tuning your crosshair. Fortunately, Valorant allows players to customize their crosshairs to their liking. You can create different shapes and sizes using the provided options to suit your playstyle better. 

Team snipers often roll with the default cross as there’s not much to change for the Operator and Marshall. Valorant still allows players some wiggle room, though. 

How to change Marshall and Operator crosshairs

Sniper settings in Valorant are simple. First, press escape and go to settings. Click on “crosshair” from the menu and click on the last “sniper scope” option. Here, you’ll be provided with a bunch of options you can use to customize your crosshair.

There are four general settings here: 

  • Center dot color: white, green, yellow-green, green-yellow, yellow, cyan, pink, red. 
  • Center dot
  • Center dot opacity
  • Center dot thickness

Most players keep their center dot off to see exactly where the bullet will land. The red default dot can be activated from the “center dot” option. The grey options will become customizable once you activate the center dot. You may pick the dot’s color from the provided eight options. Most players prefer the default red in a small size. Size and thickness can be customized by tweaking the bar or adding a numeric value. 

Once you find the perfect setting, save your profile by adding a name to it. These settings will apply to all weapons with a scope, not just Operator. This means that the same crosshair will appear for the Marshall. 

How to remove the dot from the Operator crosshair

The center dot can be distracting in some cases, so pro players tend to deactivate it to remove clutter from the screen. The dot can be removed from sniper scope settings. 

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