How to play Chamber

Here’s how to play Chamber in Valorant, the OP sentinel

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 23, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Few new characters in Valorant had the immediate impact Chamber did, establishing his position as the hero hybrid. Here’s how to play the stylish sentinel in Valorant. 

New agents usually take time to find their footing in the meta. Chamber, however, became a centerpiece of all gaming-winning compositions within weeks of his release. His unique golden inventory makes him a hybrid agent who can occasionally fill in for duelists. He’s still a sentinel at his core, though. 

The agent is considered the key to unlocking free ELO in Valorant. Here’s how to play Chamber in competitive games to rank up quickly. 

How to play Chamber

Guide for all Chamber abilities in Valorant

You may notice players running Chamber like an aggressive duelist in ranked Valorant games, but he’s not built to push in sites dry. To truly squeeze the full juice of Chamber’s kit, players must maintain a balance between aggressive and passive play. 

Trademark (C)

Trademark is the main reason Chamber mains should stay in the backlines. The gadget’s eye can be used to keep flankers at bay. It allows Chamber to lurk comfortably without bothering teammates for support. 

For 200 credits, Chamber can install a watcher behind him and use his pricey weapons. Place the Trademark when your team is going for a hard push, and there’s a risk of enemies executing a quick flank. Load up your Operator or Vandal and provide long-range cover. The Trademark will alert you of anyone breaking into the backlines. It’s also useful for protecting the Spike on certain maps. If a defuser destroys the the Trademark, Chamber will receive an alert, helping him pre-aim for the defender.

Headhunter (Q)

Headhunter is what makes Chamber the best sentinel in Valorant. Even on save rounds, Chamber can invest in Headhunter bullets, helping him win against full-buy enemies. 

So only invest in pricy 100 cred bullets when your team is on the uppers. You don’t need to stack up all eight shots. Invest in five to six bullets, equivalent to a flimsy eco-round pistol like the Ghost. Those 500 credits deal 159 head, 55 body, and 46 leg damage at 50-meter range. Let your team make space for you by picking up first duels so that you can finish off enemies from a distance. 

You may also buy Headhunter on bonus rounds when you’re opting to keep a cheap Stinger or Spectre. It’s worth buying a Vandal for your teammate while you work with a heavy-duty Headhunter in long-range and Spectre for close duels. This flexibility helps the entire team’s economy and can let Chamber hand over guns to needy teammates. 

Rendezvous (E)

Chamber’s signature ability, Rendezvous, is overpowered, free, and recharges after 20 seconds. The golden TP allows Chamber to escape danger and get a second shot at finishing opponents. 

Chamber’s anchor will turn blue if the TP box is placed in a viable position and will turn red for invalid positions. Upon use, the anchor will briefly deploy at the location where it will remain indefinitely and stay visible to all agents. Place it carefully in high-risk situations, especially if you’re equipped with a pricy weapon like an Operator or Chamber’s Tour de Force. 

Rendevous comes in handy in assisting the duelist in breaking open sites, getting kills on odd angles, and even gathering information. Chamber players can use their Rendezvous to execute risky plays that other agents may not be able to replicate.  

Tour de Force 

Tour de Force is a no-nonsense, custom Sniper rifle that kills an enemy with any direct hit. Killing an enemy creates a lingering field that slows players caught inside of it.

It’s best to activate Chamber’s ult when enemies are gathered in a small area. However, you may need some flashes and cover in case multiple enemies push in. Getting the first kill is crucial for attacking enemies in a herd. The slow field will ensure that they remain back. Activate ult when the team is on low buy. By dropping a rifle for a teammate and equipping Tour De Force, Chamber will ultimately increase the odds of winning.