Fade's abilities without lineups

Here’s how to play as Fade without learning any lineups

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Fade is another Valorant agent that has loads of lineups for her abilities, but players can still be very impactful without spending hours in practice modes. 

Valorant has 19 agents in the current roster, and a new one arrives in almost every season. All 19 agents in Valorant have unique powers that set them apart from one another. Many of these powers have very specific interactions on certain maps that can be quite useful for some plays. 

Fade has just joined the roster and is no different in this regard. Her skills are situationally useful based on the openness of the area they’re deployed and whether there’s one or multiple enemies. Her kit is powerful, but there’s an important trick that lets you make a big impact without learning specific lineups.

A new trick discovered by AverageJonas that was shown off on Twitter allows players to utilize Fade to the fullest on all maps without learning setups. 

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How to use Fade’s abilities without lineups

If you’ve studied your radar closely, you may have noticed that a small circle centered around your character pops up whenever you move. This indicates the range your footsteps can be heard. This ring may seem useless, but it can be game-changing when used correctly.

The sound circle can help line up off-the-cuff molotovs. If you don’t have proper setups, use this ring to launch your incendiaries. Here’s how to do it. 

  • Start running so the white rings appear on your mini-map
  • Equip Fade’s Haunt (E) ability
  • Release the grenade as soon as the ring’s edge reaches the spot you’re trying to hit 
  • The beast will land precisely at the radius’ edge

The true purpose of the sound circle is to optimize movement but, it serves many other purposes, including simplifying utility. Unfortunately, the radius doesn’t work for all agents. Fade will need to practice or guesstimate where to aim when hitting areas that are of a different elevation. Mastering high-angle throws is crucial, but this will still be useful in many situations.

The post-plant meta has recently become incredibly intense but only a few agents could pull off the move smoothly, including Viper, Brimstone, Phoenix, and Killjoy. This new find will add Fade to the list of agents who make the attacker’s side lethal once the Spike has been planted.