Here’s how to get the best cards for TI10 Fantasy Challenge

By Steven Rondina


Sep 18, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Dota 2 player cards are back for The International 2021 Compendium but things are working a bit differently this year.

Instead of getting packs as rewards for leveling up the TI Battle Pass, players now have the opportunity to buy packs of cards that almost guarantee silver and gold cards from that team. Not only that but these packs can be purchased in multiple different ways.

With that in mind, it’s worth going over these changes, how to get the best possible cards, and how to turn that into a great score in the TI10 fantasy game.

What are the odds of getting gold cards in Dota 2?

It seems as though each card in a TI10 Compendium pack has about a 60% chance of being bronze, a 35% chance of being silver, and a 5% chance of being gold. These odds are an estimate based on a number of pack opening streams.

Unlike TCG card packs, there are no guarantees of what each pack contains in terms of card rarities. An unlucky fan could potentially get five bronze cards in one pack while an extremely lucky one could get five golds.

Dota 2 users have little control over what they will receive from a pack, but there is a bit of agency in this regard with the newly introduced team packs.

What do team packs do in TI10 Compendium?

The TI10 Compendium’s team packs work the same as a normal card pack, but it comes with the guarantee that one of the highest-quality cards from the pack will be a player from that team. For example, an OG team pack with one silver card and four bronzes guarantees that the silver card will be a player from OG. If the pack has three bronzes and two silvers, one of those silvers will be from OG and the other will be a random player.

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Team packs can be obtained in one of two ways. Fans can purchase them directly from the TI10 Compendium for $0.49 apiece, or they can receive a number of packs by purchasing a supporter club bundle with some being regular packs and some being team packs. The basic supporter club pack offers one regular pack and one team pack, while the gold supporter club pack gives 14 regular packs and six team packs.

How to get the best cards for TI10 Fantasy Challenge

The best way to get great cards for the TI10 Fantasy Challenge is to purchase team packs of tournament favorites such as PSG.LGD and Evil Geniuses.

Fans get 10 regular packs for free and can earn up to 21 more before the event, with the ability to recycle some of those cards into even more packs. While that’s enough to have a decent number of good cards, those who are really looking to try and place near the top of the leaderboards should approach things differently. And they’ll unfortunately need to spend some cash.

Fans should look to get as many cards as they can from top teams at the event. The most cost-effective way of doing so is by buying the team packs directly rather than stocking up on supporter club bundles. Supporter club bundles effectively offer packs at the same price as buying them directly but give way more regular packs than team packs.

If someone is willing to drop money to try and place near the top, they’ll get much more value buying five packs from four different top teams than they would be buying one gold supporter club bundle. While it doesn’t offer the fun in-game voice chat lines and emotes, it does give more of the silver and gold cards that can make a difference on the scoreboard.