Shiny Pikachu and Raichu in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Here’s how to get shiny Pikachu in Pokemon GO and the games

By Steven Rondina


Jul 15, 2022

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Pikachu is the iconic mascot of the Pokemon franchise, but a shiny Pikachu is even better.

For Pokemon GO players, shinies are the be-all and end-all of collecting in the game. For those who play the mainline games, shinies are a great way to flex on opponents. Though Pikachu isn’t especially sought after in the latter, a shiny Pikachu is a must-have for any dedicated Pokemon GO player.

So how can players effectively get themselves a shiny Pikachu in Pokemon GO? And is there an effective way to shiny hunt for one in the console Pokemon games? Here’s the best way to go about it.

How to get shiny Pikachu in Pokemon GO

There is no trick to getting a shiny Pikachu in Pokemon GO. Players simply need to walk, find Pikachu encounters, and hope for the best.

The good news is that the mascot Pokemon appears with increased shiny odds relatively often during events. A long list of event Pikachus have been released over the years and many of them have had increased shiny odds during the events they’re attached to. New events appear every few months so there are plenty of chances to get one.

How to get shiny Pikachu in the Pokemon games

The best way to get a legitimate shiny Pikachu in modern Pokemon games is to shiny hunt one in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Shiny hunting is relatively easy in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and was made even easier with the addition of Massive Mass Outbreaks. Pokemon in Massive Mass Outbreaks have significantly increased shiny odds. Pikachu can appear in Massive Mass Outbreaks in the Obsidian Fieldlands.

Various means for guaranteeing shiny encounters have been patched out of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This means that players face a grind when it comes to getting an outbreak in the Obsidian Fieldlands, getting one that has a Pikachu in it, and then having that outbreak yield the desired coloration. This still offers a much better chance of getting a shiny in any other modern Pokemon game.


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