Here’s everything in the new Lunar Revel LoL event

By Nicholas James


Jan 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Ring in the lunar new year with the Lunar Revel event in League of Legends.

From the return of a fan-favorite game mode to brand new quests, tokens, and loot orbs, there are lots of details to get caught up on. Here’s an overview of all the aspects of the new Lunar Revel event in League of Legends.

ARURF returns in Lunar Revel event

All-Random Ultra Rapid Fire, the randomized version of League’s super-fast game mode, has made its return to League of Legends. The Lunar Revel event runs from January 26 to February 28, for just over one a month. Ultra Rapid Fire tends to be a hit with the LoL community, but Riot is reticent to bring it back often since it is shown to cause burnout among players. Riot has noted a phenomenon where players will binge the Ultra Rapid Fire game mode while it is out before stopping playing League of Legends as frequently afterwards.

With URF offering a condensed Summoner’s Rift experience, and with way more gameplay packed into a shorter time frame, players seem to overindulge in the rotating game mode. To counter this, Riot has been careful to bring URF and its variants back sparingly. Fans of the game mode should take advantage of it while it’s here, as it may be a while before it returns again.

New Prestige Lux skin in Lunar Revel update

There are two new sets of skins arriving along with the Lunar Revel update, one for the Firecracker line and one for the all-new Porcelain Protectors line.

Lux’s Porcelain Protector skin will be the Prestige skin option for this event, turning the white and blue colors of the base skin into prestige’s iconic golden tint. At the same time, several new Little Legends for Teamfight Tactics and All Random All Mid have been announced, available in the Festival Firecrackers. Festival Firecrackers are the Lunar Revel event’s loot orbs that fans can purchase with collected event tokens or Riot Points.

The Lunar Revel event will also have a battle pass that fans can purchase in order to earn more tokens and additional prizes. There are bundles for Teamfight Tactics players, but most of the bundles with exciting options are very expensive. In fact, this latest set includes some of the most expensive Teamfight Tactics bundles yet offered in the store.


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