Frenzy skin in Valorant

Here’s every Frenzy skin in Valorant and how much they cost

By Fariha Bhatti


May 31, 2022

Reading time: 7 min

Valorant’s pint-sized Frenzy pistol is overpowered when used correctly. Frenzy skins in Valorant can amp up your style during eco-rounds. 

Sidearms in Valorant are powerful but highly situational. Each pistol may deliver different results at varying ranges and for different agents. The cheap mechanical Frenzy sidearm works best at mid-range, so players often pick it on smaller maps. Those who excel at handling spray can easily gain an edge over full-buy enemies by using a mere Frenzy

The cheap pistol comes in many colors and coats. Riot Games has delivered dozens of cosmetics featuring Frenzy skins in Valorant. We have listed down every Frenzy skin in Valorant across all tiers. 

Every exclusive Frenzy skin in Valorant 

There are a total of three Frenzy skins in the “exclusive” family. This is the second-highest tier in Valorant and features some of the game’s most expensive bundles. All limited-edition cosmetics are released into this category with a price between 1,775 and 2,675 Valorant points per gun skin. 


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The Christmas-themed giftpack bundle features nerf guns with fake pellets. Fun sound elements, bright colors, and a boxing animation complete the BlastX bundle. The default green variant is a smash, but players can also switch between two other variants. BlastX Frenzy remains one of the most popular exclusive weapons to date. 

Price: The nerf guns come in three variants at 2,175 VP. 


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Glitchpop was an instant hit among Valorant fans. The multicolored and upbeat Frenzy is stamped with unicorns and rainbows. The holographic body of the gun makes it a fun addition to the default inventory. For the same reason, almost all skin enthusiasts own at least one piece from the Glitchpop collection. Frenzy comes at an affordable price with some eye-catching animations. 

Price: Glitchpop Frenzy and its three variants rotate in the market for 2,175 VP. 

RGX 11z Pro

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The RGX 11z Pro Frenzy was not initially a crowd pleaser, but players later realized the impact of the modern bundle. The satisfactory sound element and well-engineered body of the RGX 11z Pro make it appear lightweight and maneuverable. The refined appearance is undoubtedly a plus, but players pick the RGX for its audio. 

Price: RGX 11z Pro Frenzy comes at 2,175 VP with three variants, a kill counter, and animations. 

All premium Valorant Frenzy skins 

The premium family has three Frenzy skins, and most are highly sought-after in Valorant. This tier is perfect for players who appreciate a good skin but will pass on the over-the-top animations. Premium skins are usually priced at 1,775 VP. 


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Celestial is the best Frenzy skin for those who like an expensive yet minimal weapon style. The muted colors on a heavenly backdrop look lavish. The dreamy view is accentuated by geometrical patterns that are subtly animated, making them worthy of the premium badge. Celestial Frenzy has no special effects or variants. 

Price: The premium Frenzy costs 1,775 VP. 


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Quite similar to RGZ 11x Pro bundle, Origin was slow to hit with fans. However, players now eagerly wait for an Origin Frenzy to appear in the market. The dark skin collection features a disc-like design and a jaw-dropping inspect element. Upon inspection, the discs detach themselves from the Frenzy, rotate, and then reattach. 

Price: Origin has three variants, finisher and animation. All of this costs 1,775 VP. 


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Prime 2.0 remains a must-have skin in Valorant. The smooth sound element, sleek appearance, and lightweight look have earned it a top spot on every fan’s list. The Prime 2.0 Frenzy has three colorful variants with a simple animation that fans loved in the original design.

Price: Prime 2.0 Frenzy is priced at 1,775 VP. 

All Deluxe Frenzy skins 

Deluxe skins are plain old guns that have minimal animations and sound effects. They are affordable at just 1,275 VP per skin. Most of the skins in the deluxe tier have translucent exteriors playing a slightly animated scenic view inside the glass. The Frenzy has four skins in the Deluxe tier. 


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Horizon’s glass body encloses cotton candy skies with rich colors and vibrancy. It’s a simple skin, but perfect for those who refuse to spend big bucks on virtual items. Horizon Frenzy adds a strong punch of color to inventory at cheap rates while offering subtle animations. 

Price: Horizon Frenzy has no animations. It is priced at 1,275 VP. 

Nunca Olvidados

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Nunca Olvidados is easily one of the best items in the Deluxe tier. For the cheap price of 1,275 VP, players get a vibrant Frenzy with great graphic details and art. It is also highly thematic as it features Reyna’s backstory and highlights her cultural background. Reyna mains were quick to cop this skin off the market. 

Price: Nunca Olvidados has one other variant for 1,275 VP.

Team Ace

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Agent-themed skins are many in Valorant, but few are like Team Ace. Simple and minimal, yet making a statement, this skin bundle features agent art on each skin, with the Frenzy bearing Yoru’s image. The purple-grey Frenzy does not have over-the-top art or effects, but it is a must-have for all Yoru players. 

Price: 1,275 VP.


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Titanmail is a more affordable version of Reaver and Forsaken design. The wild texture on this Frenzy skin is rare, seldom appearing in the daily market rotation. It is easily one of the most underrated skins for the Frenzy and is highly valuable. 

Price: 1,275 VP.

Every select tier Frenzy skin in Valorant

Select is the lowest and cheapest Valorant skin tier. Skins in the blue circle class are more affordable than others and often look like it.

They are not a flex, but they do still add a touch of color to your inventory. Players often shop these skins for lesser-used weapons to fill up the collection. Select Frenzy skins cost 875 VP, and there are currently two in this tier. 


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Strong color combinations and a geometrical pattern are the main selling points behind the Rush Frenzy. The red and white skin with highlighted pins is a good option to boost your inventory color for cheap. The Rush Frenzy is not anything special, but it is a good investment that adds to an account’s value. 

Price: 875 VP.


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Sensation has bubblegum swirls all across its body in rich colors. This cheap Frenzy also has a touch of the BlastX bundle, which may make it an attractive item for many. It is undoubtedly valuable on its own thanks to its bright color and upbeat aura. 

Price: 875 VP. 

What’s the most expensive Frenzy skin in Valorant? 

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Elderflame is the most expensive Frenzy skin in Valorant. The ultra-edition Frenzy is a greatly desired gun skin that rotates in the regular skin market.

Accentuated dragon scales and fire animations are among the many attractions of this rare skin. Elderflame Frenzy’s sound element and unique feel remain unmatched even after the addition of many similar items. It costs 2,475 VP for three variants and animations, making it one of the priciest Frenzy in the game. 

These are all the Frenzy skins in Valorant that players can acquire from the market. However, a few guns are only attainable through a battle pass. These skins will not appear in the market and are now stored exclusively in the inventories of those who played the battle pass when it was live. 

  • Aero
  • Coalition: Cobra
  • Couture
  • Divine Swine
  • Hydrodip
  • Lightwave
  • Monarch