Here’s every Dota 2 hero remodel, and some that could use one

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 26, 2021

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Each of Dota 2’s 121 heroes has a distinct look, but Valve isn’t afraid to give out makeovers to their less-developed models.

Hero remodels were a relatively common update in the early years of Dota 2, but they’ve become increasingly spaced out as the game has grown more popular. This makes sense, as fewer heroes require a remodel with each one released. Valve also needs to adjust several cosmetic sets to fit a hero’s new look. That’s a lot of work for something that doesn’t impact gameplay.

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The classic models bring a sense of nostalgia to Dota 2 veterans. Storm Spirit, Shadow Fiend, and Puck hit that mark the best. All three mid laners are icons of the position. Storm Spirit and Puck got more jovial looks, while Shadow Fiend’s 6.82 refresh made him look even more sinister.

Lion is a curious case of multiple remodels. He’s currently on his third iteration, going from grey skin to an animalistic pattern before settling on his current spiky theme. Valve isn’t quite satisfied with the current Lion model either. He received another round of minor changes from a patch on May 25, 2020.

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The two most recent remodels are Huskar and Drow Ranger, both of which came as a complete surprise. Huskar’s older model was definitely in line with the others, but Valve remixed him by making him extremely buff. Drow Ranger is a very popular hero in public matchmaking, and her original model was replaced with a much more polished pile of polygons.

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Which Dota 2 heroes will be remodeled next?

Remodels are now a rare event in Dota 2, but some heroes could really use the love. Morphling is the first hero most players think of when it comes to scuffed models. Water is very difficult to animate, especially so when it flows as part of a character’s body. From the typical bird’s eye view, Morphling looks alright. However, his display model is easily one of the ugliest in Dota 2. 

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Nature’s Prophet is another Dota 2 hero waiting for a remodeling. His base model has a strange claymation-esque look to it, with his overly smooth clothing and low-resolution rune necklace. Nature’s Prophet’s biggest obstacle is his sheer number of cosmetics. Valve would have to adjust over 130 cosmetic items to fit a Nature’s Prophet remodel.


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