Here’s all the Warwick lore we know after the hit show Arcane

By Nicholas James


Mar 6, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

What little Warwick lore League of Legends players were given for a long time was ambiguous and vague, but now much more of the character’s lore and background has been unveiled following the release of hit animated series Arcane on Netflix.

Here’s a recap of all the Warwick lore we know about today, and what Warwick fans can expect from his story in further developments. From his rework’s clues about his identity to a big reveal in Arcane, here’s all the Warwick lore you need to get caught up.

Warwick lore revealed by Arcane

After Warwick was reworked in 2017 from a generic werewolf into a distinctly Chemtech-related monstrosity that roamed the streets of Zaun, new clues were added to the champion’s fresh backstory. Lines interacting with other champions were seeded into the game, making it seem like Warwick knew personally several champions from Piltover and Zaun before he became the beast players know him as in the game. At the time, Warwick’s lore simply said that he was a violent man who had tried to live a better life before being changed into a monster by Singed.

Interactions with Vi and Jinx made it seem that Warwick had known them both in particular, so fans were on the lookout for Warwick when Arcane began to reveal its included characters. Vander, the girls’ adopted father, quickly became a clear candidate for Warwick’s secret identity in Arcane. If you want to see all the clues inside Arcane that showed Vander to be Warwick, check out our article on the subject.

Arcane’s finale confirmed that Vander is indeed Warwick by showing him hanging from Singed’s ceiling in a new angle of art that previously depicted Warwick’s creation. Given the cliffhanger that Arcane was left on, some fans were sad they didn’t get to see Warwick make his first official appearance. After the Arcane Season 2 announcement trailer that ends in Warwick’s howl and the first notes of his theme, it seems inevitable that he’ll reunite with his adoptive daughters in his new and more horrific form.


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