Here’s a tier list of the best Urf champions in League of Legends

By Nicholas James


Sep 30, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

League of Legends’ hyper-fast, fan-favorite rotating game mode Ultra Rapid Fire, or URF, has returned. Here’s a breakdown of our best picks for the mode.

We’ll only be covering the best of the best champions for our URF tier list. We’ll break down the best-performing characters by role and give you some insight into exactly what makes them so overpowered in URF.

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Best top lane champion: Fiora

Fiora is first on our list of exceptionally powerful champions from the top lane. As one of the games’ premiere duelists already, Fiora thrives with short cooldowns.

Being able to spam her Q to dash around in lane, automatically striking enemy champions to chase them down is a huge buff for her. It also allows her to shred through turrets, making her a potent threat in skirmishes and side lanes.

Still, be careful about using her riposte since so much damage gets thrown around in URF that you can get detonated before it comes back up.

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Best mid lane champion: Malzahar

Malzahar’s the strongest mid lane champion in Urf, with a staggering 57.85% win rate.

His uncontestable wave clear with increased voidlings alone makes him terrifying. On top of shoving in every wave, Malzahar will be able to repeatedly silence enemies with his E. Between the steady stream of otherworldly minions and the inability to cast your spells, those fighting him will quickly become frustrated.

Malzahar spikes especially hard at level 6, at which point he’ll have a long-range suppress readily available in most engagements.

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Best jungle champion: Xin Zhao

While having a dedicated jungler in URF isn’t the norm, there’s plenty of champions that jungle on Summoner’s Rift that become terrors during Ultra Rapid Fire. Master Yi might be the first to come to mind but it’s Xin Zhao that tops the charts for best performing jungler in URF.

Much like Fiora, Xin relies on his gap-closer and auto-attack-focused kit in order to excel. With an incredibly low cooldown dash, empowered auto-attacks all the time, and a knock-up, Xin Zhao is terrifying. Finally, his ultimate allows him to get out of sticky situations with much more regularity than normal.

While you’re more likely to be playing him in a lane, Xin Zhao’s URF clear speed is so fast, you could probably jungle with him.

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Best marksman champion: Kai’Sa

Many marksmen make a poor transition to URF, relying on auto-attacks in an ability-focused game mode. The highest win rate champion URF, however, is a marksman.

Kai’Sa suffers from long cooldowns and pronounced windows of weakness in normal Summoner’s Rift gameplay. In URF, Kai’Sa is able to spam abilities with impunity, shredding waves and health bars alike. Another benefit is the now-niche AP Kai’Sa build that dominated pro play for a while is excellent in URF. The Daughter of the Void seems to be the most consistently powerful champion that League has to offer in URF.

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Best suppport champion: Yummi

Lastly are the supports. While many engage-focused supports can be annoying in URF, it’s enchanters that take the cake for most souped-up subclass. At the head of this pattern is League of Legends’ most niche enchanter, Yuumi.

Yuumi has the ability to stick onto another powerful URF champion, speed them up, and spam heals. This can make already-threatening champions like Fiora or Xin Zhao into unstoppable forces of nature. While the Yuumi player might not have to accomplish anything mechanically mindblowing, the effects are staggering.

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