Here’s a full Arcane character list of all the champions

By Nicholas James


Oct 14, 2022

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There’s wide variety of characters depicted in the League of Legends animated adaptation, here’s a full Arcane character list for every champion in it.

There are plenty of characters unique to Arcane, but there are also many that fans can recognize from Riot Games’ wildly successful MOBA, League of Legends. From the obvious characters to hidden origin stories, here are all the champions in Arcane and how they play in League of Legends in alphabetical order. These are only champions who appear on-screen, not those who might have had their existence implied by dialogue or scenery.

Arcane character list from Caitlyn to Viktor

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Caitlyn is the first champion who appears in both Arcane and League of Legends. Caitlyn in League of Legends has risen to the rank of Sherriff of Piltover and enforces Piltover’s will with the aid of her partner, Vi. Caitlyn is an AD carry, a ranged character focused on repeatedly striking an enemy from a range for consistent damage. Caitlyn is one of the game’s longest-range marskmen, bullying enemies with traps, bladed projectiles, and long-range headshots. Caitlyn deploys consistent damage from a distance with the tools to avoid champions rushing toward her and the sheer range to chase down opponents who choose to run.


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Ekko is Vi and Jinx’s childhood friend, a prodigal tinkerer, and a relentless freedom fighter. In League of Legends, Ekko has unlocked the ability to time travel thanks to a magical device called the Z-Drive. Ekko is a close-range assassin with the unique ability to rewind himself in time. Ekko is quick, mobile, and can stun entire teams with the right setup and timing. As fits him thematically, Ekko makes the most of every second and can learn from his mistakes to get a second chance.


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Heimerdinger is a yordle, Piltover Council member, and the head of the Piltover Academy. Despite his issues with magic in the show, Heimerdinger is one of League of Legends’ goofiest characters. Heimerdinger places down turrets and harasses enemies with enormous grenades and rocket salvos from range. Heimerdinger is a mage who focuses on pushing enemy opponents back and avoiding interacting with dangerous champions by keeping them at arm’s length.


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Jayce is a promising young inventor and one of the founders of hextech technology, a magical innovation that will forever change the world of League of Legends. In League of Legends, Jayce is a potent solo threat who transforms between melee and ranged forms of his iconic hammer. Jayce is one of the top lane’s most infamous bullies, able to access two separate ranges of abilities depending on which hammer stance he’s in at any given time.


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Singed is the sinister chemist who develops Shimmer for Silco, mentors Viktor, and helps transform Powder into the preternaturally-fast Jinx. In League of Legends, Singed is one of the game’s most infamously frustrating members to play against. Singed’s entire playstyle revolves around him running circles around opponents or sprinting away, leaving a trail of noxious chemicals in his wake. Singed is an incredibly fast juggernaut with a unique gameplay loop of running in and out of fights, tossing opponents into the air.


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Vi, or Violet, is the accomplished brawler and older sister of Jinx. The first season of Arcane depicts the rift between them and Vi’s journey to meeting her love interest, Caitlyn, and acquiring her iconic Atlas Gaunlets. In League of Legends Vi is a brawling melee jungler with explosive armor shredding and the mobility to get to exposed enemies and lock them down. Vi is an aggressive diver, a champion with lots of damage and crowd control who singles out key opponents and bludgeons them into the ground.


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Warwick is a bestial chemical monster, who Arcane revealed to be Jinx and Vi’s adopted father Vander. If you want to know all the details on why Vander is Warwick, check out our explanation. Warwick in the game is an aggressive jungler who specializes in running down low-health enemies and disrupting enemy teams by leaping into their ranks and inspiring fear. Warwick is a potent skirmisher who thrives in fights that take him to low life, going into a wild frenzy and keeping himself alive. Warwick is often built as a tank, engaging fights from massive distances and keeping enemy carries off of his team.


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Jinx is the final member of our Arcane character list. The traumatized young genius, supercharged by Singed’s Shimmer procedure, is an AD carry similar to Caitlyn. Jinx is known for being a potent super-carry with the ability to destroy whole teams herself with the right setup. Jinx alternates between her iconic rocket launcher Fishbones, seen in the Arcane season one finale, and her minigun Pow-Pow. Jinx’s ultimate unleashes her Super Mega Death Rocket from Arcane’s finale with global range for serious damage potential. Jinx is a super-scaling hyper-carry, becoming one of the most potent single threats in League of Legends with levels and items under her belt.


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