Here is the release date for Sylveon in Pokemon Unite

Christian Vejvad • October 2, 14:32

The first Eeveelution to enter Pokemon Unite will be Sylveon and fans finally know the Pokemon’s release date. 

The Fairy-type Pokemon will be a ranged attacker and has some brand new fairy moves that will likely spice up the meta. Sylveon will start out as Eevee at level one but evolves quickly at level four. Furthermore, Sylveon will be getting its Unite Move at level eight. Sylveon is the first attacker to get its Unite Move this early in the game, making it a potential meta-changer. 

Sylveon can be bought in the Pokemon Unite shop on October 5. 

It has been known for a while that Sylveon is coming to Pokemon Unite, but now it’s finally happening. Sylveon will go live just a week after Mamoswine, making this the second new Pokemon since the mobile launch in September. Sylveon will also be the 25th playable Pokemon in the game, with many more looking to drop. 

Sylveon moveset in Pokemon Unite

By looking at the official Sylveon trailer and data mined videos, it’s clear that Sylveon will be an impactful Pokemon. Sylveon will have strong moves in Mystical Fire and Hyper Voice. Mystical Fire will surround Sylveon with four flames that shoot out to deal damage and reduce the target’s special attack. This move will be very effective against all the special attackers it comes against. 

At level six, Sylveon will power up even further with either Draining Kiss or Calm Mind. By the looks of it, Calm Mind will be the move that everyone will be running as it will give Sylveon a big stat boost. At level 12, Calm Mind will nullify damage from an opposing attack and give Sylveon an important tool to make outplays. 

For its Unite Move, Sylveon will jump for a short duration and become invincible. When landing, Sylveon will deal AOE damage to surrounding targets. This move will be unlocked early on and could make or break team fights. 


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