Here is how you can gain more XP in Valorant during holidays

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 8, 2022

Reading time: 1 min

Winter holidays are upon us, but not much will change for sweaty Valorant rank demons. Instead, players can bag more XP during the holidays in Valorant. 

The Christmas season is the time for family and friends. But it’s also a perfect opportunity for busy players to get their rank grind back on. Riot Games is making the battle pass climb easier for the returning players by granting extra XP, but there’s a small condition. To get that bonus XP, you must have friends! 

End of Year Squad Boost is Riot’s way of rewarding busy players to get more XP in a short time. 

How to get extra XP in Valorant

Valorant Harbor

Queuing up with friends allows extra XP gain during the holidays. All you need is a minimum of one and a maximum of four friends to get as much as a 20% boost. 

Here’s how you can claim extra XP during the holidays in Valorant without spending hours in front of your computer:

  • Queue with one more friend to get an 8% XP boost
  • Queue in a trio to get a 12% XP boost
  • Queue in quads to get a 16% XP boost
  • Full lobby stack will earn you a 20% bonus XP

You may want to keep Valorant’s rank restriction in mind before queuing up, as they would remain the same. However, playing with similar ELO players will get you an extra boost, revving the battle pass completion. Queue as many games as you can in full squad, and you may end up completing your battle pass before Episode 5 wraps up in January.

End of Year Squad Boost is time-limited, so you should start looking for four friends to claim your bonus before the holiday season officially starts. The boost will begin on December 14th and run until January 4th, 2023.