Here are the Fortnite and Magic: The Gathering crossover cards

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Fortnite and Magic: The Gathering fans can enjoy two of their favorite games at once with a special set of crossover cards.

Magic: The Gathering has revealed its upcoming collection of crossover cards with Fortnite. The card game and battle royale teamed up to create Magic cards featuring art and imagery from the popular game. These cards are legal for use in many formats, but not all of them.

The collection includes 12 cards featuring art of Fortnite characters and locations. Each one is based on an existing Magic: The Gathering card, but they also have alternate names to represent their battle royale inspiration. For example, the artifact vehicle Smuggler’s Copter has been transformed into the Battle Bus. The set also includes one of each basic land cards inspired by Fortnite’s multiple maps.

Fortnite x Magic: The Gathering crossover cards

How to buy Fortnite x Magic: The Gathering crossover cards

To buy a full set of the new cards, players will need to order them through Secret Lair, Magic: The Gathering’s direct-to-players card shop. The Fortnite bundle is not currently listed on the website, but it should become available within a few weeks.

Like other promotional crossovers, the full set of cards will likely cost $50. Players will most likely be able to choose between foil and non-foil at no extra cost. Foil Magic cards curling in on themselves is a frequent complaint.

How do the Fortnite cards work in MTG tournaments?

Interested in taking your new Fortnite bling to Friday Night Magic? The good news is that the new Fortnite Magic cards are legal in any competitive event where the card they represent is legal.

Magic’s Secret Lair primarily releases alternate art of existing cards, but crossovers get special treatment with custom art and a name change. The latest Fortnite collaboration follows previous releases based on League of Legends, Street Fighter, and more.

Functionally, the cards work exactly the same as the ones they are based on. This means that they can be legal to play in competitive and casual events, but they can be excluded from certain formats.

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For example, the card Supply Llama is an alternate art for Etherium Sculptor. Etherium Sculptor is legal to play in modern, legacy, vintage, commander, and pauper. However, it is not legal in standard, pioneer, and a few digital-only formats. The exact legality may vary depending on the card.

To check which cards are legal in which formats, head to Scryfall and search the smaller card name that appears under the Fortnite reference. From there, the website will tell you the legality of the card.


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