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Here are the best TI11 Battle Pass qualifiers predictions

By Steven Rondina


Sep 2, 2022

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The International 2022 qualifiers are a part of the TI11 battle pass, and players can get some free levels by making correct predictions.

TI11 has a different format this year, where the regional qualifiers will send three teams apiece to The International. One team will directly qualify to the event while the second and third-place teams from each region will play in a last-chance qualifier at the event. Unfortunately for battle pass owners, fans only get to pick out the winners of each qualifier.

Each correct prediction will net the player 500 points for their battle pass for a total of up to three levels. Here are the best choices for each region as well as some alternatives.

The best TI11 qualifiers predictions and picks for each region

Only 12 teams received direct invitations to TI11 and there are a lot more than 12 good Dota 2 teams. With regional depth still very uneven, that means strong squads are destined to miss out. Here are the teams most likely to qualify for the event, and some who might challenge them.

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North America: Soniqs

The North American Dota Pro Circuit has been dominated by a few teams at a time with a massive drop-off underneath them. Things are a bit cloudier this year, though. TSM FTX and Evil Geniuses have both locked up spots in The International 2022. The team formerly known as Quincy Crew flopped hard at the PGL Arlington Major and will look to recover here. 

The only team with a strong chance of taking advantage of that stumble is Nouns. The former 4 Zoomers squad has finally started to catch up to North America’s top three teams but shouldn’t be looked at as a favorite in the qualifiers.

South America: Infamous

South America’s TI11 qualifiers are basically a jump ball. Infamous should technically be the favorite based on its Dota Pro Circuit performance, but the organization tore apart its roster in August. The team remains a solid pick due to the relative strength of its new roster and the relative weakness of other alternatives.

One can never be too confident in a lineup that doesn’t yet have any official matches, though. SG Esports, Tempest, and Wolf Team could all potentially top Infamous on the day.

Europe: Team Liquid

As per usual, Europe is packed with quality teams desperate to get into The International. While there are already three European teams in TI11 in OG, Gaimin Gladiators, and Tundra Esports, there are several other legitimate contenders for a spot in the event.

The safest bet is Team Liquid, a squad that was at or near the top of European regional play throughout the season despite flops at both majors. The trouble is that a solid team like Entity could find its footing or veteran teams like Team Secret and even Nigma Galaxy may be able to get a stronger read on the developing 7.32 meta.

Ramzes666 with

CIS: Outsiders

Outsiders would have already have spot in TI11 if Valve’s math skills were just a few grade levels higher. That’s bad news for other teams in the CIS region as Outsiders is possibly the most definitive favorite in the TI11 qualifiers. The rebranded squad was strong at the regional level and had a respectable top-eight showing in the PGL Arlington Major.

Past Outsiders, BetBoom Team and Natus Vincere both have a credible chance. BetBoom has been solid in regional play and did well in the Stockholm Major while Na`Vi took second place in the third CIS tour. Either of them winning would be a legitimate upset, though.

China: Xtreme Gaming

Though the “Xtreme Gaming” name isn’t familiar to fans, esports fans will recognize its roster primarily composed of Vici Gaming expatriates. The team has placed top three in everything it has played in and has a history of strong showings in large tournaments. Xtreme Gaming pulled out of the PGL Arlington Major due to visa issues, but should be looked at as the favorite to win the Chinese qualifier for TI11.

It won’t be a cakewalk, though. The region remains very deep and Royal Never Give Up is a credible choice for this category. An established strong team that got lost in the DPC shuffle like Invictus Gaming could make a run, or upstarts like Aster.Aries could post a breakout performance.

Southeast Asia: Talon Esports

Talon Esports made a bad first impression with its roster led by Tal “Fly” Aizik, but it’s a very strong team in reality. This was seen in its second-place finish in the third Southeast Asian DPC tour. A group stage elimination followed at the PGL Arlington Major but with limited alternatives, the team should be looked at as the favorite to win the qualifier.

The only reasonable alternative is T1. The organization retooled its roster by adding two-time TI champions Anathan “ana” Pham and Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen. The lineup is certainly eye-catching, but this reunion tour doesn’t have any professional matches played yet. The team deserves a look based on the names involved, but the lack of tenure should result in at least a degree of skepticism.


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