Here are s1mple’s video settings in CS2

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 5, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike 2 release date is near, but those who’ve already gained access are looking for the best video settings. Luckily, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev has shared his video settings in CS2. 

CS2 has terrible fps problems for those with low-end computers, but fortunate players with optimal builds can easily apply s1mple’s video settings. Even though the pro player has most of the video settings toned down, they may still cause stuttering issues if your build is ancient, at least until Valve resolves fps-related problems in CS2.

CS2 is still new, and players will eventually discover the best settings. So far, s1mple has shared what works for him. 

s1mple’s video settings in CS2

Here are s1mple’s video settings as shared by himself on a live stream: 

  • Video brightness- 100%
  • Aspect Ratio- 4:3
  • Resolution- 1280×960
  • Player contrast- Disabled
  • Multisampling anti-aliasing mode- 8XMSAA
  • Global Shadow Quality- Low
  • Model/Texture Detail- Low
  • Shader Detail- Low
  • Particle Detail- Low
  • NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency- Disabled
  • Ambiance Occlusion- Disabled
  • FidelityFX Super Resolution- Disabled

These are some of the settings s1mple has shared so far. You may tweak them according to personal preference based on your computer. If you have a decent setup but you still experience stutter with these settings, try adding these commands into the console. 

How to fix lag in CS2


Valve hasn’t yet officially acknowledged the lag issues and spikes in CS2, but the community has discovered commands that are working for some players. If your game lags despite a decent setup, insert these commands into the console. 

  • cl_updaterate 128
  • cl_interp_ratio 1
  • cl_interp “0.015625” (for stable connection)
  • cl_interp “0.03125” (for unstable connection)

CS2 is weeks away from the global release, but it’s possible to get your hands on it early. Here are the new eligibility criteria if you’re looking to test CS2 before it officially releases worldwide.