Everything we know about s1mple’s CSGO settings in 2023

By Melany Moncada


Jan 4, 2023

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Oleksandr Kostyliev, also known as s1mple, is one of the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players in history. In 2022, s1mple won PC Player of the Year at the Esports Awards. This is just another trophy to add to his overflowing case. It is fair to say that no one knows the game like him, and the CSGO settings used by s1mple reflect his expertise in the game.

s1mple started his professional career in 2013, playing for the now-disbanded LAN Dodgers. In the following three years, s1mple played for a variety of organizations, including HellRaisers, Amazing Gaming, and Team Liquid.

In 2016, s1mple joined the team where he would end up finding success, Natus Vincere. s1mple had his first S-tier win that same year at ESL One: New York. Since 2019, s1mple and Natus Vincere have won at least one S-Tier tournament per year for a total of over 10 titles.

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s1mple has earned a record 21 HLTV MVP medals during his career and holds the record for most HLTV MVP Awards in a calendar year. The only time he was ranked as the best player by HLTV was in 2021, that same year, he won Esports PC Player of the Year at the Esports Awards and Best Esports Athlete at The Game Awards. S1mple is also the only player in history to make a Major final with three different cores.

 How many hours does s1mple have in CSGO?

s1mple started playing CSGO professionally at 15 years old, but that’s not when his passion for the game started. According to the player, he started playing when he was four years old, encouraged by his older brother. s1mple has been active for almost ten years, a remarkable career. The player has admitted that he never stops grinding the game and practices even during the team’s time off.

As of 2020, s1mple had played for over 16,000 hours for an average of 1,700 hours per year or four hours per day. If he kept that same average in the past two years, he should have close to 19,400 hours in the game. His dedication is what makes him the best player in the game and an expert when it comes to the right settings.  

s1mple’s crosshair settings

s1mple uses the following crosshair settings.

  • Drawoutline, 0
  • Alpha, 255
  • Color, 4
  • Blue, 255
  • Green, 0
  • Red, 255
  • Dot, 1
  • Gap, -2
  • Size, 1
  • Style, 5
  • Thickness, 0
  • Sniper Width, 1

What is s1mple sensitivity?

S1mple uses the Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT in color red with these settings.

  • DPI, 400
  • Sensitivity, 3.09
  • Zoom Sensitivity, 1
  • Hz, 1000
  • Windows Sensitivity, 6
  • Raw Input, 1
  • Mouse Acceleration, 0
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s1mple CSGO settings, monitor and video

The monitor changes depending on the event. Events usually have a sponsor that provides monitors. The one that he commonly uses is the ZOWIE XL2546K. His normal monitor settings are as follows.

  • Resolution, 1280×960
  • Aspect Ratio, 4:3
  • Scaling Mode, Stretched
  • Color Mode, Computer Monitor
  • Brightness, 130%
  • Display Mode, Fullscreen

It is normal for pro players to lower the resolution of the image in the game to guarantee a high FPS, especially in tactical first-person shooter titles.

What is s1mple’s eDPI?

s1mple has set his eDPI to 1236.


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