HellRaisers coach lmbt now a free agent after roster benched

Olivia Richman • September 9, 02:00

HellRaisers coach Sergey “lmbt” Bezhanov is now a free agent. lmbt’s announcement comes shortly after HellRaisers benched their entire roster.

Four days ago, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team benched their whole squad after leaving StarLadder Berlin Major in defeat. HellRaisers couldn’t make it past the New Challengers Stage, where they were eliminated with a 1-3 record. 

This unfortunate result was sadly nothing new for HellRaisers, who finished in fifth place at numerous live events after switching around their roster in April. It became clear that the new additions to the CSGO squad weren’t enough to improve HellRaisers’ results. And it seems they’re now looking to find a new coach as well. 

lmbt was a coach for HellRaisers in the past, but has spent the last two years as mousesports’ coach. He signed with HellRaisers again in March of this year, but he wasn’t able to boost the CIS organization’s performance. 

lmbt has been a coach in Counter-Strike going back to 2010.

“I’m glad to have worked with lmbt, even though it was a short period of time. On behalf of HR and myself, I hope you succeed and always get the luckiest timings possible,” HellRaisers CEO Alex “Magician” Slabukhim said in a press release

It’s still unclear what HellRaisers future CSGO plans are. They will most likely make some roster changes once the Berlin Major hype cools down. 


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