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HasanAbi calls out Mizkif for taking assault cover up allegations lightly

By Olivia Richman


Oct 11, 2022

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Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker has called out Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo for “undermining” the sexual assault cover up allegations against him.

OTK, the streaming organization co-founded by Mizkif, is currently under investigation from a third party the squad hired after multiple members were accused of attempting to cover up a sexual assault. Adriannah Lee accused streamer CrazySlick of molesting her at a party while she was blacked out, which led Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam to accuse Mizkif and Maya Higa of trying to cover up the situation due to their friendship with CrazySlick.

After phone calls and other information was leaked to the public, OTK hired a third party to investigate what truly went down. During that time, Mizkif had also made some statements on Twitch regarding the situation, seemingly downgrading what Lee went through.

Since then, Mizkif has stopped speaking about the accusations. Then he decided to discuss the drama on a Livestream earlier today.

HasanAbi reacts to Mizkif Livestream regarding allegations

The conflicting broadcast had Mizkif stating that the incident was serious but then making some jokes that viewers didn’t appreciate. This included playing a satirical sexual harassment PSA for the workplace, which he claimed to have accidentally found while looking for another clip.

HasanAbi reacted to the Livestream, calling out Mizkif for his behavior.

“Playing a sexual harassment video when you’re gonna talk about your involvement in what is otherwise potentially covering up sexual assault… You’re undermining your own argument, especially if there is an ongoing legal case,” HasanAbi said.

HasanAbi seemed genuinely surprised by the nature of the stream. He told viewers that he thought Mizkif was going to have a long statement prepared instead. Instead, Mizkif had drawn out the drama by making it seem like a joke.

Meanwhile, Mizkif has stated that he feels confident about the investigation, which further explains the casual nature of the stream.


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