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HasanAbi called out for downplaying net worth and income

By Olivia Richman


Feb 3, 2024

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The streaming community has raised an eyebrow at political content creator Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker after the streamer claimed he makes the same amount of money as a doctor.

Streaming has become a very lucrative career, especially for some of the biggest names in the industry. HasanAbi gets an average of more than 19,000 viewers per stream and has over 20,000 active subscribers. Known for his controversial opinions, his Just Chatting streams are clearly popular. And this means a pretty good amount of money earned.

But according to HasanAbi, it’s apparently not as much as people believe.

HasanAbi lashes out at haters

Despite having a lot of socialist opinions, some have called him a hypocrite for purchasing an expensive home worth over $2.72 million in Hollywood. He addressed this controversy back in 2021 but it looks like the streaming community is still heated over this entire situation.

On February 2, HasanAbi responded to the ongoing issue on stream: “Who gives a s— about the house. Who f—ing cares? These guys are so f—ing stupid. I make, like, you know… 10-year doctor or like, you know, law firm partner money, okay?”

HasanAbi said that this is still a lot of money for “the average Joe” but explained that he’s not a billionaire like some people have hinted.

This statement had the streaming community outraged. On Reddit, many ranted that this was a lie and “far from the truth.” One Redditor even asked how many doctors made “200K a month.”

Others stood up for HasanAbi, however, pointing out that he does donate to charity quite a lot. Some added it’s not a mansion or anything too crazy.

The reality is we don’t know exactly how much HasanAbi makes but it looks to be an estimate of about $40,000 a month on YouTube and another $50,000 on Twitch from subscribers, sponsors, and ad revenue. It’s possible that HasanAbi makes $800,000 before adding any other form of revenue. This is a lot but nowhere near what someone like Jeff Bezos makes.

But is it what a 10-year doctor makes? Sort of. The highest paid surgeon is a neurosurgeon and they are estimated to make $550,000 to $940,000 a year if they have worked for at least 10 years. But that’s on the extreme side of what doctors earn, of course. Do with this information what you will.


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