Genshin 3.4 leaks show off Alhaitham skills, burst, weapon

By Kenneth Williams


Dec 26, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A new set of Genshin Impact leaks has revealed the elemental skill and burst of Alhaitham well before the release of version 3.4.

Alhaitham has been spoiled for Genshin Impact ever since the first Sumeru update, but fans have learned even more about the character than Hoyoverse intends due to a recent leak. Now players can check out his abilities and passives well before his intended release date.

Here’s everything about Alhaitham’s weapon, element, skill, burst, and passive that has leaked for Genshin Impact 3.4.

Genshin Impact 3.4 leaks show Alhaitham abilities

Alhaitham will be a five-star dendro sword wielder, making him the third five-star for the element, not including the Traveler. In the lore, he works as a scribe for the Sumeru Akademiya, though character excerpts imply he is not very high up in the chain of command.

Lore snippets also paint him as a carefree man with a cushy house in the city, but his upcoming story quests may subvert those established expectations.

Alhaitham’s elemental skill is Universality: An Elaboration on Form, an advancing strike with three charge levels. The first level deals less damage in a wide area while the advanced levels trade coverage for higher damage. Each strike also creates a Chisel-Light Mirror, which provides additional attacks on the target while also converting Alhaitham’s normal attacks to dendro. Up to three can be active at one time, and they play a crucial role in his elemental burst.

Alhaitham’s elemental burst Particular Field: Fetters of Phenomena creates a dendro field that deals constant damage based on the number of Chisel-Light Mirrors on the field. In addition, it either consumes or replaces the mirrors inversely to how many there are on the field. If there are zero, three Chisel-Light Mirrors spawn. If there are three mirrors active, the burst does max damage, but they all go away.

These abilities paint Alhaittham as a main DPS character that is greedy with field time, but rewards it with constant dendro application. By wielding a sword, there are already plenty of weapons that synergize with his kit. With these leaks in mind, expect to see clips of Althaitham shredding through the Spiral Abyss when he drops in Genshin Impact 3.4.

How to pronounce Alhaitham’s name in Genshin Impact

Alhaitham’s name can be pronounced as “al-hey-them” with a soft “th” sound for the last syllable. Alhaitham is a real-world name that is fairly common in parts of North Africa and the Middle East. It roughly translates to “young hawk” or “young eagle.”

Many Genshin players have had trouble pronouncing the names of the new characters added in Sumeru, and Alhaitham is no exception. While not all are as difficult as Tighnari, the South Asian and Middle Eastern phonetics of the new playable units can still confuse western players.

In-game pronunciations are the only way to know their pronunciations for sure, though even those are sometimes criticized by the community.