Here are the talents, abilities of Tighnari in Genshin Impact

By Kenneth Williams


Aug 19, 2022

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New character Tighnari’s abilities seem to be a cross between Ayaka and Ganyu, which will make for a popular pull in Genshin Impact 3.0

Tighnari is an upcoming five-star character for Genshin Impact 3.0, which will drop on August 24. He will be the first dendro character added to the game, finally giving players a look at the seventh element. He will also welcome players to Sumeru, the fourth region of Teyvat. Hoyoverse has finally revealed his full set of abilities before next week’s launch. Here are all the abilities of the upcoming five-star Tighnari explained along with a guide to pronouncing his name.

As for Tighnari’s lore, he is a Forest Watcher for Avidya Forest, a lush rainforest in Sumeru. He often assists travelers who get lost in the jungle, but his real goal is protecting the forest from anything that threatens it. His story quest and voice lines will reveal more about Tighnari’s backstory when Genshin Impact 3.0 comes out on August 24.

What are Tighnari’s abilities in Genshin Impact 3.0?

Tighnari’s abilities include a special level-two charge attack. Instead of a single dendro arrow, Tighnari fires an AOE shot that then splits into four homing shots. Multiple homing shots can target a single enemy, making it strong against both groups and bosses.

TIghnari’s elemental skill Vijnana-Phala Mine throws a taunt that applies dendro to surrounding enemies. It will draw enemy aggro and reduce the charge time of Tighnari’s level-two charge by 2.4 seconds. Taunts are very useful for charge archers and it’s easy to make comparisons between this and Ganyu’s elemental skill.

As for his burst, this is where the Ayaka influence starts to show. Fashioner’s Tanglevine Shaft launches six vines that grab enemies, continually applying dendro damage. Tanglevine Shafts split to a secondary target after hitting the first enemy. This elemental burst seems to deal heavy damage while also controlling up to 12 enemies, but players will only know for sure when Genshin Imapct 3.0 releases on August 24.

This burst seems to synergize with his other abilities, granting Tighnari a dedicated kit for burst damage and dendro application. He will be the only dendro five-star in the game for the duration of his banner, making him the de facto best at everything involving it. According to some leaks, upcoming dendro four-star Collei doesn’t seem as good at applying dendro effects. With that in mind, Tighnari will be a very popular banner when he drops.

How to pronounce Tighnari’s name

Based on the pronounciation of the actual historical figures, Tighnari’s name is pronounced something like “Ta gh nah ree.”

Based on in-game and real-life pronounciations, the “Ti” has a slight break between it and the rest of the name. The “gh” more guttural with a slight roll of the tongue. Some instructors even describe it as a “k” sound, and there’s no direct equivalent in English. “Nari” is pronounced as most English speakers would expect.

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Tighnari is an Islamic name, fitting the North African and Middle East-themed Sumeru. The Genshin Impact character could be named after an important intellectual from the 11th century. Al-Tighnari is the common name for a prominent figure during the Islamic Golden Age. He is believed to have been born near present-day Granada, which can arguably make Tighnari a Spanish name.


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