Astra Valorant

Game-breaking Valorant bug buys Marshal for Astra in first round

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 2, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Could you ever imagine buying Marshal in the first pistol round? It’s now possible with Astra’s broken kit. 

Patch 4.04 all-but decimated Astra’s kit, wildly nerfing her to balance out the smokers. The agent no longer stacks five stars and has a higher cooldown. These changes were much-needed, but a crack in the patch has made her incredibly overpowered. The controller no longer needs smoke to tackle enemies as she can shop for Marshal in the first round. 

The game-breaking Valorant bug has been highlighted by many players where an economy clutter awards Astra with 150 creds to buy Marshal or Stinger. 

How can Astra buy Marshal in the first round? 

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Astra can earn 150 creds to add to her total economy by using and selling her free star. This boost allows her to buy Marshal or Stinger using the new patch 4.04 exploit.

Previously, Astra couldn’t reequip used stars during the buy phase but patch 4.04 changed that. The agent was allowed to pick her stars without taking economic damage. However, this update isn’t acting as intended. A bug will enable Astra to sell her free star.

Selling free star means she gets compensated in 150 creds. It’s worth noting that the first-round bank is limited to 800 creds, so when Astra gets a free 150 boost, her economy totals 950. The exact amount she needs to buy a Stinger or Marshal. 

This is a game-breaking Valorant bug that provides Astra players an unfair advantage. All agents are equipped with default-free powers that can’t be sold. Just by buying and reselling an extra star, Astra can fool the system into selling a used default star. A money gain by a bug enables her to shop the additional utility, overpowered weapons, and more.

In the first pistol round of the game, the Radiant controller can run around with aggressive weapons. The bug has spread like wildfire, so players are now spam-picking the nerfed agent. The recent tweaks to her kit have become negligible as everyone wants to win the first round using this exploit. 

Will Astra be disabled in Valorant?

It’s evident that the latest patch messed up the controller’s kit, so an agent disable should be expected. Riot may place Astra on the bench to fix this massive exploit that is ruining the ranked games. Astra was already mighty, which prompted Riot to nerf her once and for all. But, the tweaks have backfired badly.