Game-breaking bug on Icebox

Game-breaking bug on Icebox makes it impossible to defuse Spike

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 4, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A new game-breaking bug on Icebox is preventing the defenders from defusing the Spike by placing it out of the point. 

Valorant patch 4.05 was a meta-shaker but it has also added dozens of new bugs to the list. Fortunately, not all bugs were significant enough to disrupt dedicated players’ ranked grind. But one new game-breaking bug on Icebox in particular may require an instant fix. 

The Spike on Icebox is out of player bounds due to an area glitch, forcing defenders to take a riskier route. 

Game-breaking bug on Icebox blocks the Spike

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Icebox’s B site is considered one of the trickiest to retake as defenders. While the new rework has indeed balanced the map, it remains a complex site due to excess choke points. The new bug makes retaking a menace as attackers can lock the Spike inside the kitchen tunnels. 

It’s a common plant tactic to look in a particular way to make the Spike follow the specified direction. However, this trick is working a bit too well on Icebox. Planting the Spike on top of the bridge while aiming inside is slipping the bomb indoors, covering it from all outdoor angles. Pushing the Spike outside a specified radius is a common tactic, but Icebox’s unique layout makes it a problem. 

Attackers are now walling off the bugged Spike plant with Sage’s wall, blocking it off entirely from the outdoors. The inability of defenders to reach it from any area other than the kitchen makes it a game-breaking glitch that needs to be fixed. Since reaching the bridge is already a risky task, a wall locking the Spike makes it nearly impossible for defenders to defuse. 

The attackers can easily fight off enemies in the kitchen as five players would be fixated on this isolated entry area. Simply put, this bug has no counter, which can be frustrating. Players have unsurprisingly already reported the glitch, so a hotfix should be expected. 

What’s the correct way to plant the Spike in Valorant?

The best way to plant the Spike is by looking in the direction you want your Spike to be activated. The Spike doesn’t initiate under the player model. Instead, the Spike follows the way you’re looking. 

If you want the Spike to fall towards your left, you need to keep your posture in check when you press 4. For example, if a teammate asks to set the Spike for Split’s B long, you must look to your left while activating. Otherwise, the Spike will fall inwards, hidden from your teammate’s vision.