Pearl Valorant

Gain control of Pearl B site with this fool proof Viper setup

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Pearl’s complicated turns and nooks may make duelists sweat bullets on the defender’s site. Luckily Viper can help gain B site control on Pearl. 

The latest addition to the Valorant map pool Pearl is no cakewalk. The wonder beneath the waves is enough to keep players on their toes. Ace duelists and aimers may struggle to make space and garner site control. Support agents will be the true heroes on Pearl since breaking into the site dry is a tall order. 

Pearl’s blend of antique and futuristic architecture isn’t the only thing that sets it apart from other Valorant maps. Extended alleys, tight nooks, and hiding points are tough to crack without the help of support. Viper’s kit can help slice large sites into two. 

How to take Pearl B site control with Viper

Pearl Viper setup

Point B on Pearl has various entry points from the attacker’s side. While the two openings on the ground are easy to block, the window requires Viper’s assistance. 

Poison handler Viper is equipped with a toxic screen, capable of blocking multiple angles simultaneously. This particular wall lineup will cover three entries at once. 

The lineup begins from spawn in B club, so it’s pretty easy to replicate quickly. Stick yourself to the corner of the buy phase screen and place crosshair in the middle of the second window frame. Equip the Toxic Screen and release it as soon as the round starts to keep the element of surprise. Planting it during the buy phase would cue attackers to play aggressively on the site.

When you push forward into the ramp, activate the wall to block off defender spawn, heaven, and B short. Unlike other setups, this wall will stay adjacent to heaven’s complex structure, completely hiding all peaking points. Pairing it with Viper’s molotov and smoke makes it the perfect setup for post-plant as well. 

Using this, Viper can help duelists gain site control without dealing heavy damage. If you have Neon or Raze on the squad, the viability of this setup increases tenfold. Both the agents can help stun and injure enemies in their hiding spots while quickly breaking into the B site. 

Is Neon a good duelist on Pearl? 

Neon’s sonic-style kit can help players reach targets promptly, gaining a competitive edge over enemies. Her pick rate may have taken a hit in recent acts, but the Pearl will likely put her back on the map. The electrifying duelist could be the key to scoring wins on Pearl.