G2 Esports is the LEC 2023 Season Finals champion

By Melany Moncada


Sep 10, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

G2 Esports is the LEC 2023 Season Finals champion after defeating Fnatic and has secured the LEC first seed ahead of Worlds 2023.

G2 is the undisputed LEC Season champion. After the format changes in the LEC, the year was divided into three seasons: Winter, Spring, and Summer. The LEC 2023 Season Finals is the year’s culmination, with the champions from each season. Other teams qualified for the finals based on championship points. As the Winter and Summer champions, G2 had its spot in finals more than secured.

G2 claims its third title of the year and is now heading to Worlds 2023 as the number one seed from the LEC.

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Throughout 2023, G2 has stayed consistent with a combination of aggressive individual play and genius macro play. G2 is always ahead of its opponent, knowing how to push its advantage no matter how small.

Across three seasons, G2 has managed to stay above the top four. In Spring, the team had a moment of weakness that MAD Lions capitalized on. Overall, it feels like no other team in the LEC has a good read on G2. Going into Worlds 2023, LEC fans hope that G2 can keep their good streak going.

G2 qualifies for Worlds 2023

The LEC 2023 Season Finals marks the end of the qualifying season for Worlds 2023. We now have the list of all attending teams ready.

G2 joins Gen.G, JD Gaming, and NRG as the number one seeds from all four major regions at Worlds 2023. MAD Lions and Fnatic complete the list of LEC teams with a spot secured at Worlds.

One final slot is yet to be determined. Team BDS from LEC and Golden Guardians from LCS will meet in the Worlds Qualifying Series. This best-of-five series will be played on October 9 in Seoul, South Korea. The winner from the Worlds Qualifying Series will earn the final spot in the Play-In Stage.