fy allegedly set to depart PSG.LGD amidst team’s struggles

Neslyn Apduhan • March 4, 23:09

A report about Xu “fy” Linsen is creating a buzz within the Dota 2 community.

Since 2017, PSG.LGD is under the guidance and captaincy of Dota 2 legend fy. He is famed for being one of the best supports in the professional scene. His signature heroes are Rubick, Tusk, and Earthshaker.

Fans and Dota 2 personalities called him “fy God” for his exceptional playstyle as position 4 player.

But Sun “Agressif” Zheng has apparently told fans that PSG.LGD is looking for a new position 4 player. The slip of the tongue stirred up the community and rumors about fy’s future started swirling. Fans were quick to conclude that fy had either retired or departed the team.

If Agressif is right, these rumors might be true. fy is less likely to rotate to other positions since he is the captain of the team. Captains tend to find multitasking difficult if put in core roles with heavier farming responsibilities.

fy has played support since his early days at Vici Gaming. He never took any other role aside from Position 4. This is also how he earned his trademark in the professional scene.

PSG.LGD has been silent about the issue.

PSG.LGD struggles after TI, resulting in roster changes

The team made several roster shakeups after its third-place finish in The International 2019. Its debut performance in the open qualifier for DreamLeague Season 13 was a setback. The team bade goodbye in just the second round of the qualifier.

Its underperformance in the open qualifier of ESL Los Angeles 2020 has put another nail in the squad’s coffin. It’s no surprise if the team is set to make another roster revamp before the fourth Dota Pro Circuit Major.

Fans were eager to see PSG.LGD brings back its dominance. The team still needs to gain enough points in the Dota Pro Circuit events to get the golden ticket to The International 2020.

PSG.LGD is yet to make an announcement as to if and when the organization will undergo yet another roster rebuild.


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