Four skin bundles leaked ahead of Fortnitemares Halloween event

Olivia Richman β€’ October 13, 2020 6:45 pm

After Fortnite’s 14.30 update, data miners have uncovered some skins that won’t be available until the Fortnitemares Halloween event. 

Epic Games has been a little slow with new content compared to previous seasons. Starved for more content, leakers have been continuously digging for new things to look forward to in their favorite battle royale. With Halloween right around the corner, most games are celebrating with skins and game modes. Fortnite is apparently no different. 

Data miners uncovered four skin bundles coming to the Fortnitemares Halloween event. On October 13, ShiinaBR shared the uncovered skins on Twitter. 

If the leaks are to be believed, Fortnite is getting some previously released Halloween skins and a Daredevil skin in the Item Shop this month. One bundle includes goth-themed girl costumes, complete with spiderweb leggings, black leather pants, and a choker. There’s also a Day of the Dead-themed skin, a haunted, raggedy doll with button eyes, and a striped suit with a broken heart stitched on. 

The data miner didn’t include a release date for the bundles. The prices are also unknown. But since the clothing was found in the game files, it’s unlikely to be a long wait for these Halloween-inspired bundles.

Fortnite planning Halloween skins and cosmetics for Fortnitemares

With Halloween just weeks away, there will probably be more skins, cosmetics, and game modes coming to Fortnite this month. A data miner known as HYPEX discovered a new animation in the files for an NPC called “Ghostly Ghost Henchman.” It’s possible there’s a creepy AI henchman coming in Fortnitemares this year. 

HYPEX also uncovered a legendary outfit, Midas, returning as an NPC. This first appeared in the Item Shop in Chapter 2 Season 2. 

Fans can expect for more of these updates to be revealed before Fortnitemares Halloween begins, most likely the last week of October. 


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