Fortnite volcano may finally erupt, but nobody knows when

Olivia Richman • April 23, 2019 5:11 pm

Fortnite’s volcano might finally be ready to erupt. 

Players recently noticed that the volcano on the battle royale’s northeast island has started smoking. This is the second time the volcano has shown such signs of activity. And this time it seemed to have started after the first rune made its way to Loot Lake and plugged into the metal hatch. 

This was a rune that first appeared over a plate at Loot Lake’s metal hatch five days ago, soon after the week eight challenges were revealed. At first, it didn’t seem to be affecting anything on the island. 

Even after the volcanic smoke appeared, the island remains unchanged. 

There are five slots in the match, so it’s expected that four more runes will most likely travel to Loot Lake and attach themselves to the stucture in the near future. At first, gamers speculated that all five runes attaching themselves to the structure would open it and reveal something within. 

Once this takes place, it may affect the volcano even more. In fact, with season eight soon coming to a close, it’s possible that the volcano may erupt as part of the season’s grand finale. 

Fortnite players first speculated about the volcano when they uncovered a volcano vent near Paradise Palms. In late March, a few players could hear th sound of treasure chests from beneath a patch of dirt, so they started hitting chunks with their pickaxes in an attempt to dig them up. 

The players realized that each dirt chunk had 500 million health points, but their own health decreased passively over time. 

Then, a few days later, Fortnite gamers completed digging at the Dusty Divot excavation site. Lava filled up the location, destroying all of the loot the players had uncovered. The lava had started to rise soon after the last dirt chunk was axed to pieces. 


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