Fortnite v 11.11 update delayed as fans demand patch notes

By Olivia Richman


Nov 13, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite’s v 11.11 update will be delayed.

Last night, Epic told fans that a patch could be expected this morning. It would include new content for Save the World and would also address some issues in various game modes. 

But Epic soon posted a second tweet that informed Fortnite players that v 11.11 will actually be postponed. The short message noted that they’d tell fans when “it’s planned to be released.” So far, no date or time for that release has been given. 

Fortnite players want patch notes made public

While Fortnite’s second chapter has been widely received as a positive change to the popular battle royale, fans have been frustrated with the lack of traditional patch notes. Many gamers had to find out what was new for themselves, which has led to a lot of disdain. 

According to an article in Forbes, the last public patch notes were released on September 11, which was last season. 

“Not only is Epic not sharing information about nerfs or buffs in this fashion anymore, a lot of the time they’re not even announcing new weapons they’re putting in the game like the recent Harpoon Gun. They simply show up there,” Paul Tassi said. 

On Reddit, Fortnite players joked that patch notes had been “vaulted,” referencing Epic’s method of stashing away in-game weapons and items that are no longer featured in the game. Posts dedicated with possible changes to the game were spammed with fans asking for Epic to release the patch notes. 

“Hey can we please get at least partial patch notes? I’m fine if you want us to discover new content by ourselves but I really don’t want to have to figure out if you changed turbo building or slightly nerfed a weapons bloom or if it’s all just in my head,” one Reddit user begged. 

Epic Games has yet to explain why there haven’t been patch notes released with the latest updates to its game. It’s also unclear if future patches will again include public patch notes. It’s possible that the more recent patches didn’t come with notes because there weren’t a lot of significant changes, but that didn’t stop Epic from providing notes in past seasons. 

As bigger changes come to Chapter 2, fans will most likely become even more frustrated at Epic’s lack of public patch notes if this new trend persists.


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