Fortnite trio disqualified from FNCS after threatening Epic CCO

By Olivia Richman


Mar 14, 2021

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A competitive trio has been disqualified from the Fortnite Championship Series after one of its players told Epic Games’ chief creative officer to kill himself. 

Dictate, Userz, and Wrigley were preparing to compete in the FNCS’ NA East tournament this weekend. But the trio was disqualified earlier today after Wrigley told Epic Games’ CCO, Donald Mustard, to “fucking kill yourself.” The tweet, along with Wrigley’s entire account, has since been deleted. 

Fortnite ban

After sending out the tweet, Epic Games’ emailed the trio to inform the competitors that they were disqualified and removed from the Chapter 2 Season 5 FNCS. The email stated that an “internal investigation” had revealed that a member of the trio had violated Section 8.12 of the tournament’s rules. This rule states that players “must be respectful of other players, Event Administrators, spectators, and sponsors.” 

The entire trio was forced not only to exit the tournament, but also to forfeit any prize money they would have earned. 

Some in the Fortnite community seemed shocked by Epic’s ruling. Many people felt that the developers were being too sensitive, even calling them “snowflakes.” Others even wondered if the email was doctored, appearing surprised that the trio was disqualified. But once the screenshot of Wrigley’s tweet was shared, most in the Fortnite community seemed to understand the severity of what had been said. Still, some fans felt bad for Wrigley’s teammates who also found themselves disqualified in spite of their not being involved in the spat.

For now, the FNCS Grand Finals is continuing today without the disqualified trio. Players from every region are currently competing for a massive prize pool. NA East’s prize pool is $690,000. 

Who won Fortnite FNCS 2020?

Chapter 2 Season 4 FNCS saw Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson, Malachi “Reverse2K” Greiner, and Shane “EpikWhale” Cotton become champions. Each player won in their respective region (EU, NA – West, NA – East) with their own trios. 

What is the prize pool for FNCS?

Season 5’s prize pool is $3 million. While hefty, this is not as big as Season 4’s $5 million prize pool. But FNCS’ total prize pool for 2021 is a whopping $20 million, which is larger than last year’s $17 million total amount. 


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