Fortnite streamer banned on Twitch after child rape arrest

Olivia Richman • August 13, 2021 12:02 am

Brazilian Fortnite streamer Raulino “RaulZito” de Oliveira Maciel has been arrested on allegations of raping two children. 

According to police, the victims are between 10 and 14 years old. Exact ages were not disclosed in the police report. RaulZito was arrested on July 27.

Despite this, the streamer strangely remained on Twitch until August 12, at which point he was banned. RaulZito still remains a Twitch Partner, suggesting the ban is not permanent as of yet. Twitch’s slow reaction to RaulZito’s arrest perplexed fans given the size of his following and the grave nature of the crime behind his arrest. 

RaulZito arrested after being accused of raping underage fans

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro’s Department for Child and Adolescent Victims detained RaulZito on July 27 in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The police report states that the mother of one of the victims came forward to the police, explaining that her son had been abused by the Fortnite influencer between February and May 2021. Another child, who was under 12 years old, also reported that they were molested by RaulZito.

Police allege he targeted children through Instagram by promising “access to jobs” in the gaming and streaming industries and claiming to be hiring for a “major TV station.”

After the victims came forward, the police asked the court for search and seizure warrants. RaulZito was located and arrested on a temporary arrest warrant.

When the news came forward, RaulZito sponsor SBT Games told the public that the Fortnite personality was no longer part of the company. Police have expressed that they believe there are other victims of RaulZito out there and are currently searching for other possible victims. No information on a possible trial was included in the police report.


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