Fortnite Season 9 mystery timer appears in sky, hints at Season 10

By Quentyn Kennemer


Jul 16, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Something big is brewing in Fortnite.

The skies above the game’s play area are glowing with a countdown timer that is ticking down to approximately 2 p.m. EST on Saturday, July 20. Folks frequenting the cursed island can spot the timer above every sky platform.

Epic Games has released no hints or teasers regarding its origins and there are no clues as to what might happen when the timer hits zero. The most popular theory suggests Epic will activate the intimidating robot that is currently sitting in the mountains of Pressure Plant. Its body parts have slowly materialized over the past week. The only piece missing from the robot is a head, which fans expect will arrive before July 20.

It’s possible the robot will fight the monster that broke out of the iceberg at Polar Peak earlier this season. The creature left evidence of its travels throughout Loot Lake since emerging from the surrounding seas, but it hasn’t broken cover since.

Fans uncovered evidence of these events after datamining the latest Fortnite patch, version 9.30. Fortnite 9.40 is set to drop on July 16 with some answers likely to be found therein.

These in-game events have become a staple of Fortnite’s engagement efforts. Starting in Fortnite Season 4, Epic has teased significant map and item changes with theatrical flair, with Fortnite Season 8 ending with the eruption of the volcano that towered over the map for months.

The events give fans ample reason to come back to the game, even if only to see what happens in those brief moments after the clock hits the advertised hour. There’s usually only one chance to experience the event live.

Those who sign on for the event will be in for a treat but fans will likely be dealing with the fallout when Fortnite Season 10 launches on August 1.