Fortnite Season 4 trailer confirms new Marvel Comics crossover

Olivia Richman • August 23, 01:33

Fortnite has just revealed that Marvel Comics characters returning to the popular battle royale. 

On Twitter, the official Fortnite account shared a vague 12-second video that hinted that Marvel’s return won’t just be skins and limited-time modes. There is also a story that explains how popular Marvel heroes ended up within the game. 

Upon loading Fortnite, players discovered there a comic book they could read in the game. The description of the comic book read: The Herald has found The Island. The prelude to War has begun.

The comic book contains the story of how the Herald, Thor, and Galactus made it to Fortnite Island. Here’s a complete walkthrough: 

According to Epic Game’s worldwide creative director, Donald Mustard, Fortnite fans are about to find out just how extensive this Marvel x Fortnite lore really is. He tweeted that “the story is about to kick into overdrive.” 

Fortnite leakers predict Thor in Fortnite Chapter 4

Fortnite’s official Twitter account posted a hint regarding what’s in store for Chapter 4 with an altered version of the game’s logo. This tweet seemed to confirm exactly what data miners had unveiled weeks ago.

Thor is coming to Fortnite’s Season 4’s Battle Pass as a skin. 

Well-known Fortnite data miner HYPEX had predicted Marvel’s return all the way back in August. On August 15, he informed his followers that Wolverine and Thor skins would be a part of the Season 4 Battle Pass. The lightning within the lettering in Fortnite’s official tweet proved HYPEX was definitely on to something. 


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