Fortnite Season 3 map could be underwater with buildings destroyed

By Olivia Richman


Jun 12, 2020

Reading time: 4 min

Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 3 is coming June 17, and data miners have already started digging around for clues and potential leaks. 

Fortnite Season 2 was originally scheduled to conclude at the end of April, but Epic Games revealed they were extending its duration as Season 3 was being delayed. Season 2 was then set to end on June 4, but that also didn’t come to fruition and Season 3 was delayed once again, this time to June 11. Epic Games announced that they were pushing Season 3 back for a third time due to ongoing protests regarding inequality.

But now, Season 3 is coming. For real this time. The Device event, also called the Doomsday event, will take place on June 15. Season 2 will then end, with Season 3 beginning immediately after. 

Meanwhile, Fortnite data miners and conspiracy theroists have been hard at work trying to figure out what Season 3 will look like ahead of its launch. 

Leaked image reveals new map set almost completely underwater

Fortnite Season 3 leaked underwater map

This image was said to be leaked, showing a map submerged almost completely underwater after the Device event. There have also been previous leaks hinting at a flooded map. Even more convincing, PlayStation accidentally updated the Fortnite icon in the PlayStation Store to reflect Season 3, probably not realizing there were multiple delays, and fans were given a glimpse into Fortnite’s next season a bit too early. 

With the bus floating above an endless span of water and a small palm-tree adorned island in the background, the image definitely supports a water theme in at least some way. 

Fortnite PlayStation leak

Of course, not all Fortnite fans are rallying behind this rumor. 

The allegedly leaked photo unsurprisingly faced a lot of heavy scrutiny and this led some within the community to claim it’s just poorly done editing work. Other fans have questioned the “water levels” in the image. While definitely a unique map concept, many players expressed that they’d prefer some more important map changes regarding the existing locations of structures instead of keeping the map the same except for dunking it in water. 
As the Fortnite community continued to argue back and forth about the validity of the alleged leak, data miners got to work uncovering even more changes coming in Season 3. 

Data miners reveal Season 3 changes to The Agency

The Agency is located in the center of the map. It was added in Season 2 in place of Eye Land, southwest of Frenzy Farm and southeast of Salty Springs. Many motorboat-filled rivers flow into the lake near The Agency, a spy base with an imposing corporate building and a helipad. 

While Fortnite fans are still unsure if parts of the map will be submerged or if certain buildings will be destroyed during the preseason event, it seems that changes to The Agency are for certain if Epic Games doesn’t decide to change the game files in any way leading up to Season 3. 

The first leak came from amrsatiro. They revealed a hidden door at The Agency that will open up beneath the statue located inside the building. Their tweet also showed some major damage to the building. Whatever caused the hole and destruction is still unknown, but will most likely have to do with the Device event. 

Fellow Fortnite leaker SizzyLeaks found the same files. They rendered them out so that people could get a better idea of how The Agency will look next season. 

They then shared a few different angles of the new layout, revealing a very open area compared to the previously structured spot on the map. It’s still unclear from Sizzy’s photos what the hole will lead to or where it will come out, if anywhere. 

Fortnite The Agency leak

Little is known about this new hole in the ground, but many have suggested that it could have a part to play in the upcoming Device event and that it could explain some of the destruction caused to The Agency. It’s also still unclear if the doors will have any practical use in Season 3. 

For now, the Fortnite community will just have to continue their debate on the possible map changes to come on June 17.