Fortnite “damage opponents in vehicles” challenge has fans mad

Olivia Richman • January 17, 16:51

Epic Games is often adding new content and challenges to Fortnite and not all of it is a hit.

Players are asking Epic to remove vehicle-related challenges from the game. Vehicles have become an increasingly big part of the popular battle royale and while they’re entertaining to use, their value in terms of actually winning. While great for moving quickly around the map, the planes, boats, and cars tend to attract attention and leave drivers exposed to snipers and other attacks. 

Fortnite fans haven’t always complained about vehicles, but with Epic incorporating cars into the Battle Pass challenges, they’re becoming an inescapable part of the experience. 

Fortnite vehicle challenge

In Episode 2: Season 5, Week 7, there is a legendary challenge that tells players to “damage opponents in vehicles.” The multi-tiered challenge requires players to cause 2,500 damage to opponents in vehicles, which isn’t easy to pull off but is basically required for those griding for battle pass levels. 

This challenge reignited long-simmering frustration over vehicle challenges as players took to Reddit to air their frustrations. One thread stated that they never see opponents using those noisy vehicles so it’s nearly impossible to complete this challenge. For other players, this challenge and the other vehicle-related ones just felt like a grind. 

Many players avoided vehicles to begin with. When a challenge comes out that makes people in vehicles an even bigger target, it’s even less likely to see players using them. And even if players wanted to hop in a car, it’s been pointed out that there are not enough vehicles located on the map to even complete the challenge anyway. Others said that some vehicles have bugs that make them frustrating to use. 

Epic Games hasn’t made any response to the ongoing complaints about their vehicle challenges. The developers have listened to other complaints recently, meaning they might address the concerns eventually. 

Where can I find cars in Fortnite?

Cars pop up on the map a bit randomly thanks to Fortnite’s RNG. It’s impossible to truly predict their exact spawn locations. But there are some popular locations where cars show up more often than others. The following spots have a one-in-three chance of having a car: 

  • Catty Corner (Usually a larger car)
  • Pleasant Park (Typically small and medium)
  • Salty Springs (Usually small and medium)
  • Lazy Lake
  • Holly Hedges (usually small)
  • Sweaty Sands
  • Rickety Rig
  • The Area West of Misty Meadows
  • Bridge near Pleasant Park
  • Steamy Stacks (in the car park)
  • Frenzy Farm


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