Fortnite might be getting a public testing server in Season 2

By Olivia Richman


Feb 16, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

A new game option in the Epic Games launcher is hinting at the possibility of a public testing server coming to Fortnite in Season 2. 

Fans have been disappointed in the lack of updates in the popular battle royale since Chapter 2 was released in October last year. Players have also criticized Epic Games for not providing full patch notes whenever an update was finally announced. So far, developers have not discussed why patch notes have become a bit secretive recently. 

Perhaps players are just desperate for more updates, but fans became very excited when pro Fortnite player Benjamin “Benjyfishy” Fish pointed out the possibility of PTRs coming to the game. 

In a tweet, Benjyfishy revealed a screenshot of a new game option called “FortnitePublicTest.” 

Fortnite could benefit from a PTR

Fortnite fans immediately became excited at the idea of a PTR coming to the battle royale, similar to what games like League of Legends and Overwatch have before updates are released on live servers. It’s a way for developers to have the playerbase test the changes before they’re implemented in the main game. 

But before his followers got too excited, Benjyfishy pointed out that the public test servers were only going to be available to the players attending DreamHack Anaheim next weekend. The $250,000 LAN tournament is playing a slightly different build of the battle royale. 

While it killed many fans’ dreams of more consistent updates and patches, others still believed it was a “tease” for what’s to come to Fortnite in Chapter 2. One Twitter user responded that Epic should at least provide public test servers before major tournaments. 

Fortnite’s Season 2 Chapter 2 is coming on February 20. Until then, Fortnite fans are unsure what the update will have in store.