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Fortnite LEGO event leaked for Season 4

By Nicholas James


Apr 27, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Fortnite seems to be able to collaborate with nearly anybody and a Fortnite LEGO collaboration has been leaked ahead of its supposed release.

Fortnite has had collaboration events with IPs from Marvel to Star Wars to animes like Dragon Ball Z and My Hero Academia. It looks like one of the upcoming events will be a Fortnite LEGO collaboration. As one of the largest toy brands on the planet, LEGO mixing with Fortnite makes a lot of sense.

Fortnite Lego event leaked

According to several community news sources, Fortnite is currently working on an upcoming collaboration with LEGO.

Reports from trusted leaker ShiinaBR say that this crossover is continuing along positively. According to ShiinaBR, the approximate expected release date would be in Chapter 4 Season 4 of Fortnite, the final season of 2023’s Chapter 4. This date is an approximation made by ShiinaBR judging by what is available on the Fortnite test servers right now.

Most events involve items and mechanics in the Battle Royale mode themed around the collaboration. For example, Star Wars events bring Lightsabers while My Hero Academia brought the Deku Smash Mythic item from All Might airdrops.

A LEGO event could look like disassembling buildings, cars, and more to emulate the iconic building blocks. Whatever direction Epic Games takes, it will launch in the last quarter of 2023. Each quarter of Fortnite’s year is divided into a Season, with each year being a full Chapter.

With Chapter 4 Season 2 right now, there are still several months before this event would show up. What’s certain is that Epic Games will go out for the collaboration, making it front and center to the Battle Royale’s gameplay for several weeks.

Given the flexibility of LEGO, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what Epic Games will want to do. Any LEGO enthusiasts excited by this idea can expect it in the final months of 2023. That’s everything we know about the upcoming LEGO Fortnite event so far.