Fortnite leaker reveals some crazy new unreleased weapons

By Olivia Richman


Dec 28, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Fortnite is full of out-of-this-world weapons and vehicles, from shopping carts to B.R.U.T.E. mechs. And there could be some even crazier new options on the way.

Despite the fanbase enjoying Season 5 since it arrived earlier this month, data miners are never truly satisfied. They are always looking for the next wild update. In this case, a Fortnite leaker going by ximton found a series of unreleased weapons that seem pretty exciting if they ever make it into the game. 

It’s currently unknown if any of these weapons will actually be added to the game. 

Fortnite leaker uncovers unreleased weapons

Fortnite weapon leak

The first weapon shared to Reddit is a minigun grenade launcher. The grenades are shot out quickly, dealing damage in a large area of effect. The amount of destruction that could be implemented when this weapon is put in the hands of a Fortnite player seems catastrophic. That’s most likely why the weapon was scrapped after it was rumored to be released in Season 4. 

The consensus from Fortnite players seemed to be that the weapon was quite overpowered if the fire rate remained the same in-game. 

The second leaked weapon is electric, shooting balls of explosive energy. Like the mini grenade launcher, it seems as though the electricity is shot out as a projectile. It only explodes upon landing.

Ximton claimed that the weapon was “possibly scrapped.” One Fortnite fan noted that it was maybe an old gun that was supposed to appear in Chapter 1 Season 1, hinting that Ximton was “using old dev weapons” from the early days of Fortnite. 

Fortnite weapon leak

The last weapon Ximton shared was a bit more peculiar. The little pistol oddly shoots out gnomes. Every time a gnome is released from the gun, the weapon makes a strange sound like a broken accordion. 

It’s theorized that this strange device was a dev-only weapon. Like the previous weapon, it seems this gun was also a dev weapon from Chapter 1 Season 1 that got removed a few seasons later. It will probably never make it to the game, which is a huge disappointment for many players. 

With some tweaking, most of these weapons would be fun additions to the popular battle royale. But it’s highly likely players will never get their hands on these leaked weapons. 

Is Fortnite dying? 

Going into 2021, Fortnite continues to be a very popular game both to play and to watch. It was reported that there were 350 million active players in May 2020. This is up 100 million from the spring of 2019, proving that the game still appeals to new players. As Fortnite continues to dominate Twitch viewership as well, so it seems that Fortnite isn’t going anywhere any time soon. 


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