Fortnite leak reveals new 2020 New Years weapon skins

Olivia Richman • December 30, 18:02

As always, Fortnite’s upcoming holiday event has been leaked. 

Infamous Fortnite laker Lucas7yoshi has confirmed that Epic Games is planning to bring a small update to the popular battle royale come New Years. The biggest draws are the two weapon wraps, New Year 2020 and Star Party. 

“There will be a New Years event this year, to the surprise of no one. I don’t really see anything that looks different from last years, so it’s most likely going to be fairly similar at its core but probably updated (and y’know, for 2020 not 2019),” tweeted the leaker. 

He followed up the tweet with a screenshot of both skins. New Year 2020 is a sleek black wrap with a white burst reminiscent of a firework explosion or other burst of light. Star Party boasts some neon stars against a black background. New Year 2020 will be part of Winterfest, while Star Party will be available in the item shop, although no price was revealed as of yet. 

Fortnite skin 2020 leak

New Years has never been a major update for Fortnite, and this upcoming holiday doesn’t seem to be any different.

Are storms bringing Fortnite’s next chapter?

This may also be due to Epic’s developers focusing their efforts on Chapter 2’s second season. The inagural season was prolonged and is now ending in January. With that date fast approaching, the Fortnite team may be wrapped up in something big for Season 2, or even working on a grand finale for Season 1. 

Many players are speculating that something major is bound to happen in Fortnite due to the sudden snow storms cropping up around the map. These storms bring on intense weather conditions that greatly effect players’ visibility. The wind that accompanies them also masks a lot of the sounds that players often hear when an enemy approaches. 

The snow storms started popping up on December 26, around the same time that the map was covered in fog last year. While the snow could just be part of Epic’s winter celebration, if Fortnite’s history tells us anything there’s definitely something bigger fast approaching. 


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