Fortnite breaks record for highest player count with return of OG map

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 3, 2023

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG is real, and it’s live. The original Chapter 1 has returned, roping in multiple millions of players to the Island. 

Fortnite’s exciting end to Season 4 saw villain Kado Thorne standing in front of the time machine set on date “2018 07 12.” Now, this twist has teleported the players back to the original location, the OG map in Chapter 1, and fans couldn’t be happier about this fortunate accident. 

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG has already attracted a massive chunk of players, most of whom are returning for the sake of nostalgia. According to stats, about 3.5 million players are currently playing Fortnite Chapter 1’s original map. 

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG player count

How many people play Fortnite in 2023?

On November 3, 3,527,262 logged back into their accounts and played Fortnite concurrently. With this, the game has also hit its highest player count yet with 3.5 million players. This is the first time Fortnite has crossed 3 million players, proving just how powerful the iconic Fortnite maps are. 

Fortnite’s popularity had recently declined due to massive updates to the games, which essentially changed what players liked about the Battle Royale. However, the return of Chapter 1 has reignited the love for the iconic BR, as millions spawn back into the Tilted Towers to get a taste of the OG game. 

What’s in the Fortnite OG Pass?

The latest season is packed with rewards and a nostalgic punch of familiar locations, but it’s much shorter than a regular season. Instead of two months, Season OG will last for only 30 days. This also means a smaller battle pass, officially called the OG Pass, including 50 tiers of throwback rewards.

The OG Pass will be available until December 2, 2023, at 10 pm ET. All Outfits and accessories will be available for a limited time, as a new curated selection will appear in the Shop daily at 8 pm EDT / 7 pm EST. 


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