Forsen unbanned from Twitch again, reveals his return date

By Olivia Richman


Dec 27, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

It’s a holiday miracle! 

Popular streamer Sebastian “Forsen” Fors has been unbanned from Twitch after one month of being suspended from the platform. During the month-long ban, Forsen was quiet on social media. This only built up the suspense as fans awaited his return. 

Forsen finally revealed that he’d be returning after Christmas, although he still wasn’t sure exactly when. The wait ended up not being too much longer than that. The variety streamer’s account was unbanned two days after the holiday. 

Forsen announced the positive news to his followers on Twitter. He also stated that he will be streaming the very next evening. It’s still up in the air what game he will be playing. On his last day of streaming in November, Forsen played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. He was also consistently in the “Just Chatting” category throughout last month. 

Why was Forsen banned from Twitch?

The indefinite ban was originally handed to Forsen for accidentally showing horse genitalia during a live broadcast. Forsen called the ban “unlucky” at the time. 

Forsen had been live-streaming when a fan sent him a video to open. Forsen didn’t suspect anything unusual and clicked to play the video. The video ended up showing a horse penis. Forsen exited out of the video in mere seconds and deleted any clips related to the incident. But it was already too late. 

Twitch has a strict Terms of Service when it comes to sexually explicit content. Showing nudity and suggestive images, including animals, is prohibited. While Forsen fans never denied that the streamer deserved punishment for breaking the ToS, they’ve consistently demanded to know why other streamers have gotten shorter bans for much worse content throughout his absence from Twitch. 

Twitch’s inconsistent policies and punishments have been called into question even more now that the streaming platform updated their harassment policy to allow the platform to punish users who suggest that some streamers receive preferential treatment in exchange for sexual favors.

How long is a ban on Twitch? 

Temporary bans can last between one and 30 days. The duration is allegedly determined by the seriousness of the offense and how often the person has been in trouble on the platform in the past. 

Twitch also has a three-strike policy. The platform claims that a content creator who is banned three times will be banned permanently. Of course, some streamers have avoided that permaban due to their popularity on Twitch. Twitch also states that it can suspend an account indefinitely even if it’s a streamer’s first offense so long as it’s a “severe violation.” 

The duration of a ban and the seriousness of the offense is determined by Twitch. 


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