When will Forsen return to Twitch? We now know the answer

By Olivia Richman


Dec 17, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Sebastian “Forsen” Fors’ fans were upset to hear that the variety streamer was banned indefinitely from Twitch in late November. During a live broadcast, Forsen opened a GIF sent by a fan, unaware of the content. It ended up containing a horse penis. That split second of explicit content was enough for Forsen to be suspended from the platform. 

“I’m currently banned for the horse gif,” Forsen tweeted. “The ban is indefinite, which means undetermined ban duration. Unlucky.”

Since November 27, Forsen wasn’t able to stream on Twitch. The content creator also seemed to be avoiding social media. After informing his fans about the indefinite ban, Forsen hadn’t tweeted at all. This left many people wondering when, or even if, Forsen would return. 

Without any word from Forsen or Twitch, fans could only speculate. Until now. 

When will Forsen be back from his ban? 

Forsen has finally broken his social media silence to bring his followers some positive news. The streamer will be back on Twitch “slightly after Christmas.” 

This seemed to put Forsen in great spirits. He thanked his fans for taking to his DMs with positive messages and birthday wishes. He then told them to enjoy their holidays “and shit” in typical Forsen fashion. 

Christmas is still eight days away. For now, Forsen’s followers will be hooked to his social media page to see if the streamer puts up any more messages to his fans. 

How old is Forsen?

Fans were wishing Forsen “happy birthday” because, well, it was his birthday! The streamer was born on December 16, 1990. This makes him 30 years old. 

Are Forsen and Nani married?

Forsen has been married to fellow streamer Nani Fors since 2015. She moved to Stockholm soon after to live with him. 

Nani has a YouTube channel where she plays video games and shares lifestyle vlogs. She plays a variety of games on Twitch, where she has over 120,000 followers. Nani is also popular on Instagram. She often shares photos of Forsen on her account as well. 


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