Forsen has been banned from Twitch for the fifth time

By Olivia Richman


Apr 20, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Twitch streamer Sebastian “Forsen” Fors appears to have been given yet another ban from Twitch, and Forsen fans aren’t sure why.

Forsen has become one of the most popular gamers on the streaming platform, gaining over a million fans during his career as a full-time content creator. He has recently been in headlines for his back-and-forth Minecraft speedrun record battle with Felix “xQc” Lengyel. Forsen currently holds the record, which has xQc struggling to beat it.

But now it looks like Forsen has been banned from the very app where he announced his Minecraft accomplishment.

Why is Forsen banned from Twitch?

Unfortunately, it’s not currently known why Forsen was banned from Twitch. It’s unclear how long the punishment will last. The reason and length of bans are kept private by Twitch, so fans will have to wait for Forsen to share what exactly went down.

Currently, when you go to Forsen’s Twitch page it reads: “This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

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How many times has Forsen gotten a Twitch ban?

Forsen has been banned from Twitch four times.

The last time Forsen was banned, he was off of Twitch for 30 days. This ban occurred back in 2020 when Forsen accidentally opened a GIF from a fan that wound up being sexually explicit.

This ban actually became a big moment in Twitch history, with many feeling at the time that Forsen was punished too harshly while hot tub streamers at the time were only banned for three days for wardrobe malfunctions and purposefully suggestive content.