Former Counter-Strike pro gets caught hacking live on stream

Olivia Richman • March 25, 18:06

Former Counter-Srike pro player Kristoff “faken” Andersson lived up to his gamer tag in a recent stream when he was caught using wall-hacking cheats.

While streaming a game on Mirage, Twitch users noticed a peculiar reflection in faken’s glasses. In a widely shared clip from the stream, viewers noticed a red player model moving in the reflection of his glasses, despite the player in question being behind a wall. Faken was using an in-game hack that allowed him to see enemies through cover.  

Shortly after the clip went viral in the CS:GO community, faken’s Twitch channel disappeared. It’s unclear whether this was faken’s own choice after the humiliating exposure, or if Twitch punished him for cheating. There is currently no comment from faken on the situation.

Although faken has not played at a professional level in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, faken was well known in his Counter-Strike 1.6 days, playing alongside other pro including legendary Swedish player Marcus “zet” Sundström. faken’s last public appearance outside of streaming was at DreamHacks Tours 2016, where he fell short in open qualifiers.

On an HLTV forum thread, the CS:GO community accused faken of cheating in 1.6 as well. While this cannot currently be proven, it seems as though the game’s fans have unanimously agreed that this was an inexcusable offense and are glad to see his Twitch account disabled.

Unfortunately, cheating is nothing new in Counter-Strike. Ever since the game became free to play, the CS:GO community has reported an influx of cheaters, hackers, bots, and trolls. Earlier this year, Valve’s Anti-Cheat program banned over 900,000 accounts in a single month, and the number has since skyrocketed to 1.6 million.


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